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Chapter 3176: 3176
Chapter 3176 Su Yu is a Crybaby 6

“Are there other people that are after us?” her subordinate asked .

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“Where is he now?” Lu Yan asked as she dried her hair with a towel .

“Next door in our room . We locked him up in the bathroom . Amy’s pressing his head in the water to see if he’ll confess . ”

“I’ll go take a look,” Lu Yan said and walked out .

When she was at the door, she turned around and said to Qiao Fei, “Hey, Psycho Qiao, don’t you want to watch a show?”

“What fun is it watching you guys torture someone to force them to confess?” Qiao Fei didn’t seem interested .

Lu Yan didn’t ask any further . She turned around and left with her subordinate .

In the bathroom next to her room, Lu Yan saw Amy shove the man’s head in the bathtub filled with water when she went in .

Even then, the man was unwilling to speak .

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His arms and legs were tied up . His mouth was not taped as it allowed him to throw up .

“Stop . Bring him over . ”

Lu Yan sat on the European leather sofa in the living room .

She was in a white bathrobe . Her hair was let down and still slightly wet .

She looked incredibly beautiful .

Who would have thought that such a beautiful woman was the closest to Satan?

Amy violently dragged the man over and made him kneel on the floor .

“Asian?” Lu Yan was slightly surprised when she saw the man’s appearance .

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The man would not talk and glared viciously at Lu Yan .

“Who sent you? Are you sure you don’t want to speak?” Lu Yan asked in Chinese .

The man did not speak .

“Boss, he might be Vietnamese by the looks of it . He probably doesn’t understand Chinese . ”

“No, he understands . ” Lu Yan was almost certain .

She walked over to the man and stepped on his shoulder . Then she reached out and pulled the pendant hanging around his neck .

“Give it back…” the man shouted, struggling to get up .

Then Amy stomped his back and locked him onto the ground .

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“See, I told you that he knows Chinese,” Lu Yan said proudly .

“Boss, you’re so smart . How did you know?” Her subordinates were very impressed .

“There’s Chinese on the pendant . ” Lu Yan held it up and showed it . Then she read the word on it, “Zhen . ”

“A Vietnamese that fell in love with a Chinese woman . Her name is Zhen, right?” Lu Yan conjectured .

The man was slightly surprised as he didn’t know how Lu Yan found out .

“If that’s the case, then you should live your life peacefully . Why did you become a killer? Worse off, why did you become a killer that follows orders?”

“Shut up and just kill me,” the man said in Chinese . Even though he could speak Chinese, you could tell he was not from China .

“Who sent you? How much are they paying? How about this? If you tell me, I’ll pay you double that, no, triple . ” Lu Yan chuckled .

The man glared at her and didn’t respond . He didn’t seem interested in money .

“What? So you’re not interested in money, eh? Why not we do a trade? If you tell me who sent you, I’ll spare your beloved lady’s life . Otherwise, I’m going to fracture that woman called Zhen’s neck . ”

“Haha, you’re hilarious . There are so many women in China called Zhen . Can you find her and kill her? Lu Yan, you’re crazy!” the man laughed at Lu Yan’s naivety .

“Good . You know my name . That makes things even simpler . ” Lu Yan smiled mysteriously .

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