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Chapter 3173
Chapter 3173 Su Yu is a Crybaby 3

“Go eat first . Everyone should be hungry by now…”

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“But Boss…” Her subordinate seemed to want to say something but he stopped when Lu Yan glared at him .

He was still scared when walking out…

“How was it? What did the boss say?”

“Boss told us to go eat since we’re all probably hungry…”

“Huh? What’s happening? Those people are in the lobby now and will come up at any moment . They’re obviously after us . ”

“Yeah, I told the boss that . ”

“Boss didn’t command us to kill them?”

“No . ”

“The f*ck… What should we do now?”

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“Let’s follow the boss’s orders and go eat . ”

Just like that, Lu Yan’s subordinates, who originally thought it was showtime, were disappointed because Lu Yan didn’t agree to let them fight .

Beneath the rotating restaurant on the top floor was a private room for Lu Yan’s subordinates . She had gotten them the same big table of seafood .

However, her subordinates were all worried about the people after them downstairs .

“Who do you think they are coming for? Could it be Boss’s sis?” Amy suddenly asked .

“Hard to tell . There are enemies everywhere with our boss so they might just be after us . ”

“That’s illogical though . We’ve been here for a while but as soon as her sister came, the killers arrived right after . ”

“Amy, what are you trying to say?” one of the male subordinates glanced at Amy and said .

“I think Boss and Mr . Qiao are in danger . Why don’t you guys continue eating and I’ll go protect them?” Amy said as she stood up .

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“Take a break . With your fighting skills, ten of you can’t even match Boss . How would you protect them? Also, Boss told us to eat . I’m sure she has a plan so you don’t need to meddle with it . ”

“I’m afraid that if…” Amy was still worried .

“Amy, why are you trying to suck up to boss so much lately? Did you fall in love with Boss? Lesbians aren’t popular,” a chubby male smiled at her and said .

“Shut up . ”

“Stop arguing . We’ll follow Boss’s orders . Sit down and eat . We’ll see what happens . ” An older subordinate who normally didn’t speak much was getting agitated .

Amy was unhappy that she was being shunned . She was very worried and barely ate .

Everyone else in the private room seemed to be enjoying themselves .

Lu Yan peeled off the shrimp shell for Huo Mian and put the peeled shrimp on her plate .

She said, “Sis, eat some shrimps . I heard shrimps are good for the baby because they’re high in calcium . ”

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“Honey, that’s the shrimp’s skin you’re talking about . You should probably do your homework before trying to show off in front of Mian . She’s a doctor and knows more than you . ”

“I want to . What can you do about it? Sis, eat . You don’t need to mind him . ” Lu Yan smiled like a child in front of Huo Mian .

“Yeah, you too . ”

“Bro-in-Law, our Yan seems to be doing everything you should be doing . ” Qiao Fei smiled .

“That’s alright . They’re close sisters . ” Qin Chu was happy because he thought it was rare to see Lu Yan behave so adorably .

Suddenly, Qin Chu’s phone rang .

He quietly picked it up .

“Okay, I understand . ”

Lu Yan’s subordinates downstairs saw the men in black come in . The men in black walked with crisp, light footsteps with no wasted movements . They probably were killers .

Qin Chu was about to stand up and deal with this situation .

Lu Yan suddenly stood up and said, “You guys eat first . I’m going to go to the washroom . ”

“Yan, there’s one in the private room,” Huo Mian was slightly surprised and called out .

“I like the one outside . It’s bigger . ” Lu Yan smiled and turned and walked away .

Qiao Fei and Qin Chu looked at each other, and it was as if they were communicating that they knew what she was up to .

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