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Chapter 3172: 3172
Chapter 3172 Su Yu is a Crybaby 2

“No . ”

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“Brother-in-Law, are you planning to use this bait to catch a bigger fish?” Qiao Fei immediately understood what Qin Chu was up to .

“Yeah, that’s the plan . ”

“But… are you sure you want to go against them?”

“It’s not that I want to go against them, it’s that they’re a threat to my family so I need to act first . ”

Qiao Fei was slightly shocked when he heard Qin Chu’s words . However, very quickly, he gave Qin Chu a thumbs up without further explanation .

Qin Chu and Qiao Fei’s personalities were alike . Qiao Fei, however, was sometimes more energetic .

Qin Chu was the calmer type . Their similarity, though, was that both spoke few words .

After the happy reunion with her sister, Lu Yan confidently walked over to Qin Chu .

“Brother-in-Law, how can you not tell me that my sister was in Tasmania?”

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“I was worried that they would have more supporters so I wanted you to stop them . ”

“Fine . If it’s like that, I’ll forgive you . By the way, where’s that bastard, Huo Siqian?”

Before Qin Chu could respond, Lu Yan continued to say, “I want to facking skin him alive . ”

“He’s with me . ”

“Bring him over . I want to see him,” Lu Yan said domineeringly .

“Yan, you can’t kill him yet . Chu still needs him for something,” Qiao Fei tried to pacify her .

“I know . I’m not going to kill him . I was thinking that I haven’t been practicing my boxing skills for a while so I want to use him as a human punchbag,” Lu Yan said .

“Don’t . Your boxing would kill him with one punch…” Qiao Fei immediately said .

“Shut up or I’ll beat you up too . ” Lu Yan glared at him .

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“Okay, okay… Girls shouldn’t hold grudges so much . Also, Qiao Fei is your boyfriend,” Huo Mian couldn’t help but soothe Lu Yan with a gentle smile .

“I don’t think you can practice your boxing skills,” Qin Chu said slowly .

“Why? You’re not willing to let me?” Lu Yan pouted .

“No . He lost too much blood and is almost dead . Wait until his wounds are better . ”

“Haha, Chu, I respect you very much!” Lu Yan immediately knew what Qin Chu meant and was very delighted .

“Boss, dinner’s ready,” one of Lu Yan’s subordinates reminded .

“Okay . ”

“Sis, I’ll treat you to a good meal . Let’s go . ”

“It’s alright . Let’s just grab something simple . ” Huo Mian was sufficiently happy just seeing Lu Yan .

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“Sis, you don’t need to care about her wallet . She has plenty of money,” Qiao Fei said .

“Shut your leaching mouth up . ” Lu Yan pinched Qiao Fei hard .

Huo Mian was rather pleased and happy to see the couple playfully fight . Qiao Fei was young but he was a good and reliable guy that would be by Lu Yan’s side no matter what troubles she was going through .

In the rotating restaurant in a five-star hotel, Huo Mian was dumbfounded by the table full of seafood .

“Did you go out to the sea or something?”

“Haha, no . I went to a fishermen’s home and told them that I would buy everything they caught today . Look at the big lobster . Its body looks great, eh?”

It was the first time Huo Mian heard someone talk about a lobster’s body being great… She couldn’t help but laugh out loud .

“Sis, I know you like seafood . Eat more . I didn’t get crabs since you’re pregnant and you shouldn’t eat those . ”

“Okay . ” Huo Mian nodded . Everyone seemed to know that she loved seafood .

“Brother-in-Law, have a seat too . Let’s eat . ” Lu Yan waved Qin Chu over . She couldn’t hide her great mood .

“Boss, there’s a bunch of suspicious people downstairs . Look…” one of Lu Yan’s subordinate whispered .

“Can’t you see I’m eating… F*ck off…” Lu Yan wanted to enjoy dinner with her sister and she was in no mood to deal with anything else .

“Boss, what should we do with them? Should we observe or should we directly…?” her subordinate risked being yelled at and asked for more orders .

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