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Chapter 3171: 3171
Chapter 3171 Su Yu is a Crybaby 1 

“You’re just seeing your sister and not some outsider . Do you really need to do all that?” Qiao Fei was speechless .

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“Of course . I want to let my sister see the best of me . ”

Lu Yan was as excited as a little child when she mentioned her sister .

Qiao Fei understood that even though Lu Yan often fought and was violent, she valued family a lot .

Even though they did not grow up together or share a lot of memories together, Lu Yan was willing to fight for her sister .

Qiao Fei was deeply attracted to how childish and energetic Lu Yan was .

“Why are you standing there like a mummy? Didn’t you hear what I just said? I want my lipstick . Lipstick…”

“Where is it?” Qiao Fei was speechless .

“It’s in my makeup pouch in the drawer, you stupid . ”

Qiao Fei reluctantly opened the makeup pouch . His mind was about to explode when he opened it .

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“So my princess, which one do you want me to bring you? There are so many lipsticks in here . ”

Qiao Fei rarely touched women’s stuff and Lu Yan rarely put on makeup . She would only put on makeup when she needed to put on a disguise . That was why when he opened Lu Yan’s makeup pouch for the first time to see tens of lipsticks from the same brand with the same looks, he was shocked .

“Look at the color, you dummy . I want that orangey red one . It looks good on me . ”

“I give up… Princess, I can’t tell the colors apart…”

“Fine, fine . I’ll do it myself . Such a waste of time . Move back…” Lu Yan shoved Qiao Fei back and went through her pouch herself .

When Huo Mian and Qin Chu arrived at the lobby, Qiao Fei and Lu Yan stepped out of the elevator . The timing was perfect .

Even though Lu Yan was a hyper person, her work was with quality and speed .

“Yan…” Huo Mian was a bit excited when she saw Lu Yan; she almost cried .

The sisters were finally able to reunite with each other, which was a beautiful thing . However, it looked as if they had been through some life-and-death treachery and would hug each other tightly and cry till morning .

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This may be because their identities were a bit special…

“Sis…” Lu Yan was about to cry when she saw Huo Mian .

She quickly ran over and gave Huo Mian a big, tight hug .

“Sis, are you alright?” Lu Yan whispered by Huo Mian’s ears .

“I’m fine . ”

“How’s the baby?”

“The baby’s fine too . ” Huo Mian smiled gently .

Lu Yan was able to carry Huo Mian up easily with her explosive force . This was something many men could not even do .

“Ah… what are you doing? Let me down…” Huo Mian was happy and annoyed at the same time .

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“I’m trying to see how much you weigh now to see how much my nephew weighs . ”

“What nephew? We don’t know the gender yet . It might be a girl . ” Huo Mian smiled shyly .

“A girl would be great too . If she was a girl, let her stay with me and I’ll teach her how to fight, how to use a gun, how to make bombs… Bombs are my specialty…”

“You little girl…” Huo Mian poked Lu Yan’s forehead and looked at her with tenderness .

The two sisters reunited in a foreign land . Even the two men were touched by the scene .

“Whenever Yan sees Mian, she turns into a child,” Qiao Fei said with a gentle smile .

“Mian too…”

“Is everything over with the deserted island situation?” Qiao Fei asked .

“Yeah . ”

“What about Huo Siqian?” Qiao Fei asked calmly .

“He’s with me . ”

“You didn’t kill him?” Qiao Fei looked at Qin Chu with surprise .

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