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Published at 4th of June 2020 04:40:05 AM
Chapter 3170: 3170
Chapter 3170 Mian, I love you 10

“Ian, eh? Hehe…” Qin Chu scoffed .

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“Are you terrified?” Huo Siqian asked .

“No sh-t . Are you not?”

“You hid with Mian at a stranded island in the middle of nowhere because you were scared of Ian . You’re the coward here . I’m nowhere close to your cowardice . ”

“Qin Chu, what’s the point of arguing with me here?”

“Arguing? No… I just wanted to tell you I’m not scared of the person you’re terrified of . I will extinguish anyone who wants to harm Mian . Unlike you, I will not hide… What am I doing here? I’m just trying to savor my moment…” Qin Chu violently pulled out the dagger . Before Huo Siqian could breathe again, he stabbed it in his body again .

“Uh…” Huo Siqian’s face turned twisted from the pain .

“A person like you, who have killed many, deserves to die a million times . Even then, your crimes will not be atoned…”

“So kill me!” Huo Siqian spat out blood and sank to the ground .

“You need to live . I need to use you as bait to fight Ian . ”

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Qin Chu pulled out the dagger again .

Huo Siqian lost too much blood and he fainted .

“Someone, come over . ”

“President Qin…” One of his subordinates heard his orders and immediately ran in .

“Stop his bleeding and save him . Then take him away via heli . ”

“You want to take him away, President Qin?”

“Yeah . ”

“Isn’t it more convenient to kill him?” his subordinate asked confusedly .

Qin Chu’s wife, who was pregnant, was kidnapped by Huo Siqian . Qin Chu’s subordinates would think that Qin Chu hated Huo Siqian to his core .

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In fact, Qin Chu did want to kill Huo Siqian . However, without Huo Siqian in his hands, Qin Chu would be too passive when facing Ian, which would put him in greater danger .

Qin Chu needed Huo Siqian to lure the psychopathic brothers out . That way, he would be able to better control the situation .

This time, he was playing a huge risky game because he knew that if he didn’t extinguish these people, he and Mian would not be able to live a peaceful life…

For his beloved family, Qin Chu was willing to risk his life and fight to the death .


Huo Mian rushed over to hug Qin Chu when he came out .

“I’m fine…” Qin Chu smiled gently . He was a drastically different person compared to how he was when he was in the basement .

“I smell blood on you…” Huo Mian intelligently smelled Qin Chu’s sleeve .

“Yeah . ”

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“Is he dead?” Huo Mian asked .

“No . I just wounded him a bit,” Qin Chu smiled and responded .

“Wounding him is nothing compared to what he had done . He separated us for so long . I wanted to kill him…” Huo Mian said angrily .

“Yeah . I’ll spare his life for now but when the timing is right, we’ll send him to heaven . ”

“He’d never be able to go to heaven . He should go to hell,” Huo Mian corrected .

“Yes, to hell… Honey, you’re so beautiful that whatever you say is right . ”

“You just know how to flatter me…” Huo Mian slightly blushed .

However, Huo Mian would never actually be able to kill Huo Siqian because although he was evil, he never mistreated her . That was why she was just saying those things because she was angry .

Even in the middle of nowhere, Huo Siqian took very good care of her . Huo Mian knew that so she would pretend to be hard on Huo Siqian in front of her husband, as being nice to Huo Siqian would not be fair to Qin Chu .

Huo Mian was mentally prepared to support her husband even if he killed Huo Siqian .

Qin Chu and his group left the island in the middle of nowhere and headed for Sydney .

In one of the hotels in Sydney, one of Lu Yan’s subordinates reported, “Boss, Madam is coming . ”

Lu Yan was playing with her phone before but once she heard the news, she jumped up on the sofa like an excited child .

“Psycho Qiao, hurry and bring me my lipstick . I’m going to touch up my makeup,” Lu Yan commanded Qiao Fei .

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