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Published at 4th of June 2020 04:40:05 AM
Chapter 3169: 3169
Chapter 3169 Mian, I love you 9

Qin Chu didn’t speak a word . Instead, he slowly walked towards Huo Siqian…

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“I dare you to unchain me so we can have a fair and square fight . ”

“Do you think you’re in the position to negotiate with me?” Qin Chu calmly looked him in the eyes .

“Ha, so the great Qin Chu can be scared too… Looks like you’re afraid of me . ”

Qin Chu didn’t respond . He looked down and used a tissue to carefully wipe his dagger .

“Say, why did Mian fall in love with such a coward like you? So odd, isn’t it?”

Qin Chu still didn’t utter a word .

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“Tell me, what else do you know other than hiding and running? Don’t you have Su Yu as your friend even though he’s your rival in love? Aren’t you afraid that Mian will cheat on you?”

Qin Chu still didn’t say a word .

“If it were me, I would have defeated Su Yu a long time ago . I would have destroyed his reputation . He’s just another rich playboy, not some honorable son of some great family . All he thinks about is how to have sex with Mian . He says he’s honest and generous but he’s just a shameless bastard at his core . ”

Qin Chu still didn’t respond .

“Wow . When did your temper become so good? Did I hurt you four years ago when I wounded your leg? Is Mian’s baby a test tube baby? After all, you two are great doctors but I feel sorry for Mian if that’s the case . She’s living life as if she were a widow . She’d have a much better time with me . I can give her what you can’t . ” Huo Siqian smiled arrogantly .

“All you want is to get on my nerves, right?” Qin Chu looked up and uttered each word slowly .

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It was Huo Siqian’s turn to be silent…

“You’re scared that I’ll make your life a living hell . That’s why you’re trying to infuriate me so I’ll just kill you . ”

“What about it? Aren’t you going to kill me?” Huo Siqian licked his lips .

Qin Chu didn’t respond . Huo Siqian continued to speak, “Don’t tell me that you’re going to feed me well . I’m not used to that . After all, I was the man that stole your wife away from you . ”

Right after Huo Siqian said that, Qin Chu stabbed Huo Siqian’s stomach . His aim was fast and accurate, and he purposely avoided Huo Siqian’s vital organs .

“Oh… feels great…” Huo Siqian groaned . The sudden pain was debilitating but he would never admit it .

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“Feels great, eh? Then I’ll make you feel even better…” Qin Chu held onto the dagger and slowly twisted it in his body .

Huo Siqian felt excruciating pain . Even if he wouldn’t admit it, everyone could tell he was in pain as cold sweat dripped off his forehead…

“Great! Superb… Qin Chu, since you’re so awesome, why don’t you finish it off…”

“You want to die? Do you think I’ll let you die so easily? You won’t be able to atone for what you did to Mian and I all these years… Not even shooting you a hundred times would be enough to pay you back for what you did…”

“So you should kill me even more . With each second I live, it would be one more second of me yearning to take Mian away from you…” Blood was dripping off the corner of Huo Siqian’s mouth but he was still grinning evilly…

“Even so… I plan to slowly kill you so you’d suffer enough… Death to you is too benevolent…”

“If I don’t die, Ian and Nalo will come and save me . Think carefully, Qin Chu,” Huo Siqian reminded .

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