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Chapter 3166: 3166
Chapter 3166 Mian, I love you 6

Huo Mian walked over, squatted down, and picked up the clothes carefully .

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“He bought these to make me happy, but I didn’t accept because I knew I wouldn’t stay here for long . ”

“If you like them, you can take them . ”

“No . We don’t need these . ” Huo Mian stood up with a smile and returned to Qin Chu’s side .

“President Qin, we checked the whole place and found nothing suspicious or any secret passages .

“Okay . ”

“Shall we go to the basement?”

Then, John led Qin Chu and his men toward the direction of the basement .

“Honey, do you know that this small and desolate island has lots of precious herbs and poisonous insects . Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to escape and see you…” Huo Mian seemed to be in a good mood and told Qin Chu her discoveries .

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“You’re pregnant and should be careful . What if you were bitten by poisonous insects?”

“Nah, that won’t happen . I read in the Chinese medicine books that wherever there are poisonous insects, you can always find the herbs that these insects fear nearby . I used the juice of the herbs to wash my face and hands, and these poisonous insects won’t bite me because of the scent I carry . ”

“You’re as willful as a child…” Qin Chu pinched her nose lovingly but couldn’t bear to scold her .

“President Qin, Huo Siqian is in this basement . ” John pointed at the entrance .

“Yeah, that’s right . I’ve been here several times . ” Huo Mian nodded to confirm John’s words .

“Mian, you wait here for me while I go down and see him . ”

“No . I want to be with you . ”

Huo Mian was determined to go with Qin Chu, afraid he would be in danger .

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“But the air in the basement is not fresh and you’re pregnant . I’m afraid…”

“It’ll be fine . I used to go down there and there’s no biogas . I’m not so fragile…”

Finally, Qin Chu couldn’t resist her begging and took her and some subordinates down the ladder .

John waited at the entrance under the guard of the other subordinates .

The moment they got down, they saw the place was full of stock .

One of the subordinates was thirsty and reached out for a bottle of water .

Huo Mian stopped him . “Don’t touch these things . ”

“But I’m thirsty, Madam…” the man said innocently .

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“I put the toxin of the soul-eater grass in the water . If you’re thirsty, drink the water in the helicopter . ”

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Due to the limited amount of the toxin, Huo Mian had only put it in the water on the top and bottom boxes .

But now that the water bottles had been disturbed, she didn’t know which were poisoned and which were good, which was why she didn’t want their people to drink it .

Hearing her words, no one dared to touch the things here . Qin Chu and Huo Mian pushed open the small door and walked in slowly .

To their surprise, despite the dampness, there wasn’t a stinky smell .

It seemed Huo Siqian hadn’t eaten much and so didn’t produce any waste .

Sitting in the corner, Huo Siqian watched them walk in, looking unsurprised .

He looked up at Huo Mian and smiled .

“You’re back, Little Sister Mian . I knew you’d come back; you wouldn’t have the heart to leave me . ”

“At this moment, you’re still in the mood to say these words? Huo Siqian, are you really crazy or just pretending?” Huo Mian was a bit angry .

Qin Chu looked at Huo Siqian without a word .

“What then? Do you want to kill me? Come on… Kill me now . ” Huo Siqian smiled as if he didn’t care .

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