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Chapter 3165: 3165
Chapter 3165 Mian, I love you 5

“We can’t reach them… We think…” The man looked afraid to voice his guess .

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“Think what?” Ian looked up impatiently .

“We think Kevin and his men are dead . ”

“Dead? Did that girl Lu Yan do it?” Ian wasn’t surprised . After all, lots of his men had died in the past years .

“I don’t think so . Lu Yan is still in Sydney . ”

“Then Lu Yan’s subordinates did it?”

“It’s not Lu Yan’s style . If she did it, she’d tell us gloatingly . But this time, our men just vanished without a trace . ”

“Hehe… This is interesting . ” Ian lounged on the sofa and tapped on the tea table with his fingers; he seemed to be making plans .

“Boss, what do we do now? Shall we send more people to Tasmania?” his subordinate asked cautiously .

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Ian glanced at him and asked, “If you kill a man, will you stay there and wait for people to catch you?”

The man didn’t dare to speak .

“Get out, all of you . You’re useless . ”

“Yes, Boss . ”

“Wait . ” Ian seemed to have thought of something .

“Yes, sir . ”

“Any news from my good brother Nalo?”

“Not yet . Mr . Nalo seems to be searching for Huo Siqian, too . ”

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“Oh, I see . It seems Huo Siqian is quite popular . Continue following Nalo’s men . If you find any clues, you must bring the little bastard Huo Siqian to me at all costs . I’ll chop a piece of flesh from him to vent my anger . ”

“Yes, Boss . ”

“Go . ”

Ian waved his hand and sent his men out of the room . He had a grudge against Huo Siqian for being played by him .

He had played people all his life but now he found someone had played him . It was a very bad feeling .

He had always thought Huo Siqian was in his control but to his surprise, Huo Siqian betrayed him without a warning . It showed this fellow was very capable and determined .

Now that he had a new target, Ian wasn’t in a hurry to catch Lu Yan, because the girl he had seen in the hospital seemed to be an easier target .

If she was really the professor’s daughter, then everything would be easy .

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Seven helicopters landed on the island slowly .

Held captive by Qin Chu’s men, John led the way .

Qin Chu helped Huo Mian out of the helicopter .

“You’ve lived here for so many days?” Qin Chu glanced around the desolate-looking island with a lump in his throat .

“Yes . ” Huo Mian nodded .

“You suffered a lot . ” Qin Chu tightened his grip on his wife’s hand .

“It wasn’t so bad . Except that I miss you so much, I received no mistreatment . I had food and water but felt suffocated inside; for a few times, I was on the verge of jumping into the ocean and killing myself,” Huo Mian said jokingly .

But Qin Chu felt as if a knife was slicing through his heart, but he didn’t show his pain to Huo Mian; instead, he held her shoulders and walked toward the cottage with her .

“Huo Siqian is in the basement,” Huo Mian reminded him .

“We’ll see if we can find any clues here . I don’t want that fellow to hide any more cards up his sleeves . ”

At his order, Qin Chu’s men dug through the things in the cottage to search for anything suspicious or any secret passage .

A box was opened and lots of infant clothes spilled out .

Qin Chu and Huo Mian both glanced at the clothes…

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