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Chapter 3163: 3163

Chapter 3163 Mian, I love you 3 

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Without a word, the masked men walked closer to Kevin .

“Our boss Ian isn’t someone you lame rookies can afford to mess with . Do you hear me?” Kevin raised his voice to keep up his courage .

The leader of the masked men said, “Our boss said our targets are Ian’s men . ”

Then he lifted his gun and blew open Kevin’s head .

Kevin was still looking at the guys in disbelief when a hole appeared in his forehead and blood gushed out .

Having worked for Ian for many years, he could always scare off his opponents when he said Ian’s name,

But this time, his opponent brushed off his threat so easily and killed him .

In the Benz Sprinter, Huo Mian dozed off and had a dream .

In her dream, she had just come home from school; her mother was cooking while Zhixin was playing basketball in the yard in a jersey, sweating profusely .

She put down her school bag and took out the hairpin that Qin Chu gave to her, feeling pleased and shy .

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This beautiful dream of her girlhood made her lips curve up in sleep .

Qin Chu lowered his head gently and held her shoulders, knowing she was having a sweet dream, or she wouldn’t smile so sweetly .

“Qin Chu… Humph . What a miser you are . Do you think you can win my heart with a hairpin?” Huo Mian murmured in her sleep .

Qin Chu found her super cute and immediately captured this funny and cozy moment with the camera on his cellphone .

The car slowly drove to a clearing out of the city .

Due to the bumpy road, Huo Mian woke up drowsily .

“Honey, where are we?”

“Out of the city,” Qin Chu answered gently .

“I just… had a dream . ” Huo Mian sat up slowly and rubbed her eyes .

Qin Chu helped her sit up carefully; then he opened the lid of a bottle of water and handed it to her .

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“I know . ”

“How did you know?” Huo Mian was surprised .

Qin Chu smiled but didn’t reply .

“Then do you know what I dreamed about?”

“I do . ”

“I don’t believe you . You can’t read my mind . ” Huo Mian pouted .

“If I’m right, will you kiss me?”

“What if you are wrong?” Huo Mian crossed her arms before her chest, looking confident .

“Then I’ll kiss you . ”

“Haha . Then I’ll never win, right?” Huo Mian understood his game .

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“Of course, you’ll win . Honey, your husband is so handsome; a kiss from him is very valuable…”

“Honey, I was away from you for a few days and you’ve grown flighty…” Huo Mian couldn’t help laughing .

“Not a few days; it’s been almost 20 days now… Mian, we were separated for a long time…” Mr . Qin spoke with great melancholy .

Huo Mian also felt a lump in her throat .

Yeah, ever since their separation of four years, Qin Chu couldn’t bear to be away from her for long . Whenever he worked late, he’d call her .

Huo Mian placed her hand in Qin Chu’s warm hand and held it tightly . “From now on, we’ll never separate . ”

Qin Chu was about to speak when his cellphone rang .

“Hello?” Qin Chu answered the phone .

Hearing the caller’s words, his expression changed a bit .

When he hung up, a helicopter landed before them .

“Honey, you take the helicopter and leave here; Lu Yan will pick you up in Sydney . ”

“Yan’s in Sydney?” Huo Mian was surprised .

“Yeah . Like me, she’s been searching for you . When you get there, she’ll take care of you; you two haven’t seen each other for a long time, and you can take the opportunity to enjoy your time together . ”

“What about you?” Huo Mian asked in concern .

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