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Chapter 3162: 3162
Chapter 3162 Mian, I love you 2

At this moment, the door of the convenience shop was kicked open .

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A group of black-clothed men barged in with masks covering half of their faces .

With neat and professional moves, they immediately opened fire at Kevin and his men .

Pushing the shop owner away forcefully, Kevin turned and ran .

His men shot back, and a fierce shootout began . Instantly, the air was filled with the smell of gunpowder .

The shop owner hid under a desk with trembling legs .

In less than three minutes, the gunshots stopped .

A man walked toward the shop owner with a submachine gun in his hands .

“Please don’t kill me . I really know nothing; I don’t know where the girl went…”

She almost wet her pants in fear, regretting getting involved in the trouble .

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“Don’t be afraid . You can come out now,” the man said .

The shop owner stood up slowly on her shaky legs .

“They are gone now . ”

The shop owner didn’t dare to speak .

“Our boss sent us here to thank you for taking in our young madam . ”

“Your young madam?” The shop owner was confused .

“Yes . Our young madam has a special identity . Our boss loves her very much and she was kidnapped by malicious people to blackmail our boss, which was why she was in such a state . Thank you for taking in our young madam last night and cooking noodles for her . ”

“Oh… It’s nothing . ”

“Don’t worry . We’ll deal with these guys and won’t let them harass you . ”

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“Okay . ” The shop owner finally snapped back to her senses and nodded .

“Our boss wants you to take this . ” The man handed her a piece of paper .

With shaky hands, she took it and saw it was a check of one million US dollars .

“You can exchange it into cash in any international bank . ”

“My goodness… No, I can’t take it . It’s too much…”

The middle-aged woman was frightened; after all, her small shop wasn’t worth much .

One million US dollars was equivalent to more than seven million yuan, which was a big fortune .

“Take it . Our boss is very rich, and this is nothing to him . The most important thing for him is that our young madam is fine . ”

“That girl… is your young madam . ”

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She recalled that that young woman indeed carried the young elegance of a wealthy family young madam .

She wasn’t a great beauty but oozed an extraordinary presence . The shop owner had thought she was a daughter of a great family with a business in Chinese medicine, but it turned out she was a young madam from a rich and powerful family . It seemed she had had quite an exciting adventure .

“Um… How can I take it?”

“Take it . I’m sorry for the mess in the shop and am afraid you have to clean it up yourself . Good-bye . ”

Then, Qin Chu’s men left .

With the one million US dollar check in her hand, the shop owner felt as if she was in a dream .

She recalled her conversation with the young girl last night .

Well, it seemed even the rich people couldn’t live peacefully; it was a pity that she was still hunted down by people when she was pregnant .

Finally, the shop owner put away the check with a sigh and then began to clean up the mess in her shop .

Kevin was cornered in a remote alley in the town and all his men had been killed .

“Who are you guys?” Kevin asked .

Two in the front and two behind him, four masked men pointed guns at him and didn’t answer his question .

“Do you know who our boss is? Mess with us and you’ll die pathetically,” Kevin threatened, trying to scare off the men with Ian’s name .

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