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Chapter 3161: 3161
Chapter 3161 Mian, I love you 1

“Damn it! Let’s go then… and… get naked…”

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Looking determined, Lu Yan dragged Qiao Fei toward the suite of the hotel .

Qiao Fei: “…”

“Hahahaha! Do you think our boss is serious this time?”

“Who knows? Maybe our boss has been wanting Young Master Qiao for a long time . ”

Lu Yan’s subordinates were trying to cheer to the cause .

But Amy had a dark expression because she didn’t understand why Young Master Qiao, a handsome young guy from a big family, would like a wild woman such as Lu Yan .

In the town of Tasmania, the sky had brightened .

The convenience shop was smashed into a total mess .

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The shop owner was pushed to kneel on the floor, shivering in fear .

A group of people locked the shop from inside and began interrogating the female shop owner .

“You still don’t want to tell me?” Kevin grabbed her hair viciously and asked .

“I really don’t know . That girl stayed here for a while and left after eating a bowl of noodles . ”

“Don’t play innocent . If she didn’t know you, why would she come into your shop?”

“I really don’t know her . I just saw she’s a Chinese just like me, so I did her a favor . Besides, you’re a scumbag for beating your pregnant girlfriend . Are you still a human?” The shop owner was indignant .

She thought Kevin was the scumbag that Huo Mian mentioned who had beaten her .

“Girlfriend? What the heck are you talking about?” Kevin looked nonplussed .

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The shop owner continued, “I must tell you, the girl came so far from home to Australia because she loved you . But if you don’t want to take responsibility, you shouldn’t have promised her . Now you took her away from her family and even beat her . God will judge and punish you . ”

“Woman, what nonsense are you talking about? Are you nuts?” Kevin was piqued .

“I’m just indignant for the girl who’s also from China . ”

“I think the woman lied to you . ” Kevin began to understand .

“Impossible . She’s indeed pregnant and it showed . I saw it . ” The woman was convinced that Huo Mian was pregnant .

“I must tell you that everything she told you is a lie . She’s not my girlfriend . Her identity is very special, and my boss wants to find her . If you don’t tell me where she is, I’ll send you to your God . ”

Kevin put the muzzle of his pistol against the shop owner’s head .

Her body turned into jelly instantly .

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This was Australia, and the gun was not a toy .

Death was staring her in the eye .

“You… You can’t do this to me . I tell you my daughter and son-in-law are not ordinary people; they know a very famous lawyer . You smashed my shop and threatened my life; you’ll face the consequences . ”

“Boss, the woman is babbling nonsense . We are better off just killing her,” one of the men suggested .

Kevin seemed to have lost his patience too and didn’t want to listen to the woman’s lecture .

“I’ll ask you one last time: where is the woman? In which direction did she go? When did she go? You’d better tell me everything . ”

The shop owner suddenly realized that it wasn’t as simple as a quarrel between a couple .

These men didn’t look like ordinary gangsters, either . Did… that girl really lie to her?

If she said she didn’t know anything about it, she’d be killed by the fellow instantly, right?

But she really knew nothing . That girl left through the backdoor and disappeared .

“No answer? Very good… You leave me with no choice…” Kevin said as he pulled the trigger slowly .

Cold sweat popped out on her skin; she closed her eyes and knew she was done in .

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