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Chapter 3160: 3160
Chapter 3160 On the Way Home 10

“Are you going to give me any reward I ask for?”

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“Of course, as long as it is within my reach . Money, women, expensive cars, weapons, even bombs… whatever you want . ” The news of Huo Mian’s safety made Lu Yan incredibly happy . She was willing to give Qiao Fei anything he wanted .

“It is definitely within your reach… but I’m not sure if you’ll give it to me . ”

“Nonsense, I’ve always been true to my words! How could I go against what I’ve just said? Who do you think you’re speaking to?” Lu Yan was furious .

“Well then, I won’t hold back . ” Qiao Fei touched the tip of his nose, his eyes glancing around .

“Go ahead . ” Lu Yan gestured for him to speak, cavalier as could be .

The underlings behind Lu Yan began to whisper .

“Hey, what do you guys think? What does Mr . Qiao want? Maybe a powerful weapon?”

“Not necessarily . He’s not that into weapons . ”

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“Money’s definitely not it either . The Qiao Family has all the money in the world . Money doesn’t mean anything to Mr . Qiao . ”

“Then… what about Boss’s private plane? Or the limited edition Bugatti Veyron she won from the Florida race?”

“I don’t think so… Young Master Qiao doesn’t look very interested in cars… He’s a very sophisticated man… too hard to read with our mortal eyes . Otherwise, he wouldn’t have lasted as long as he has with Boss . Anyway, let’s just see what he wants . It’ll definitely be something amazing . ”

“Psycho Qiao, hurry up, you know how impatient I am . ” Lu Yan was very impatient .

“Give me a baby . ” After five seconds of silence, Qiao Fei delivered a serious request .

“Holy crap…”

Besides Amy, all of Lu Yan’s underlings burst into laughter .

And Lu Yan? Well, she was completely speechless .

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“As the leader of mercenaries, you wouldn’t go back on your word, right?” Qiao Fei began to set his trap .


“It’s alright if you take back your promise… I wasn’t expecting you to keep it anyway,” Qiao Fei provoked her .

“Screw you… when have I ever gone back on my word?”

“So? When are we having a baby?” Qiao Fei asked with a straight face .

Lu Yan was a girl, after all, and no matter how bossy she was, she was still shy about a topic like this .

Her face was red as an apple…

“Woah, look! Boss’s face is getting red . ”

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“Of course! Boss likes Young Master Qiao… and they already quarrel like an old couple anyway…”

“Haha, if Boss gets married, all the mercenaries in the world would come to her wedding . Could you imagine that? I get excited just thinking about it . ”

“You guys are too much . Who knows what’s going to happen?” Amy suddenly interjected .

“What’s wrong with you, Amy? Why are you such a party pooper?” Someone snapped back .

“I’m not… just being realistic . I mean, Boss has been incurring a lot of enemies in the past years . Once she gets married and gets pregnant, she’ll be less agile and all of her enemies will target her . Why would she do something like that? So, I think giving Qiao Fei a child is basically impossible . ”

“I… I… I…” Lu Yan began to stutter…

“I knew it . Hmph!” Qiao Fei walked away with a cold expression .

“Hey, Psycho Qiao, don’t leave! Listen to me…” Lu Yan chased after him .

“Are we having a baby or not?” Qiao Fei forced back a laugh and put on a serious expression .

“I’ll do it . ” Lu Yan nodded, clenching her jaw .

“When?” Qiao Fei wasn’t going to let it go so easily .

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