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Chapter 3159: 3159
Chapter 3159 On the Way Home 9

Lu Yan looked through the phone and saw Huo Mian’s sleeping face .

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Her eyes lit up immediately…

“Sis…” she called out warmly .

“When did you find her?” Lu Yan was overjoyed .

“Just now . ”

“Is she hurt?”

“No, both she and the baby are fine . ”

“My god… oh my god… I’m so happy… Wait, send me your location . I’ll fly over there now . ”

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“Don’t worry . I still have some things to handle . Once I’m done I’ll bring her to Sydney to see you . ”

“Then… can I talk to her?” Lu Yan bit her lips, feeling giddy and excited as if she was a young girl .

“She’s exhausted from all the running and hiding . She just fell asleep,” Qin Chu explained .

Qiao Fei walked over to Lu Yan, reaching out his hand and placing them on top of her shoulders .

“Yan, Mian’s probably drained . Let her rest . Didn’t Qin Chu say that he’ll bring her to Sydney later?”

“But I don’t think I can wait…” Lu Yan seemed a little disappointed .

“I promise that all of this will blow over soon . I’m not going to call the professor . I don’t know how secure the lines are in Tasmania . I don’t want it to be traced or tapped and bring him trouble . Could you tell him that your sister’s fine? Tell him not to worry . ”

“Alright, I’ll contact my dad . ” Lu Yan nodded .

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“That’s it then, I’ll see you guys later . ”

“Alright . ” Lu Yan hung up the phone unwillingly .

She then turned around and hugged Qiao Fei’s neck .

“Holy crap! Psycho Qiao, my sister was found! She’s fine! Both she and her kid are fine!”

“I know… I heard everything . ” Qiao Fei smiled .

This girl… she acted like a mafia boss when she was domineering and a child when she was being cute . How polarizing…

Qiao Fei loved Lu Yan for who she was: straightforward and uncalculating, never manipulative of anyone .

“Sis is almost in Sydney . What do you think I should wear when I see her? Oh yeah, what should I treat her to? Western or Chinese? Should I bring her to the Opera House to take some pictures? I don’t think she’s ever been to Australia . Oh, oh, and… should I give her a Koala bear for a present? Is a Koala better or is a Kangaroo better? If the airlines refuse to let her bring it on, I can send them back home in my private jet . My nieces would love them too, right?”

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Qiao Fei: “…”

“Why are you looking at me like that? Give me some suggestions!” Lu Yan couldn’t contain her excitement .

Qiao Fei couldn’t even keep up…

“My lovely Miss Lu Yan, could you slow down, please? It’s great that your sister is fine . Be happy that the four of us can get together for a meal and a chat . Forget about the koalas and the kangaroos . If the Australian government finds out, we’d be in trouble . ”

“You think I’d be scared of them? What a joke! I will blow them up!” Lu Yan was absolutely unstoppable .

Her underlings all laughed . If it were anyone else, they would’ve thought that she was joking .

However, when it came to Lu Yan, nothing was impossible . Her fastest time of making a bomb was under 30 seconds .

At her headquarters, she also had an unlimited amount of explosives, each more powerful than the last . Even Ian was afraid to come near her…

She really lived up to her status as the professor’s daughter . They didn’t call her ‘bomb genius’ for nothing…

“Okay, okay, okay… I trust you . You’re the best . ” Qiao Fei laughed along . Seeing Lu Yan’s happy smile, he knew that it was all worth it .

“Psycho Qiao, you were an integral part of the plan to seduce Smith . Tell me, what reward would you like?” Lu Yan suddenly thought of this joke .

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