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Published at 2nd of June 2020 05:23:37 PM
Chapter 3158

Chapter 3158 On the Way Home 8

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“Because our hearts are connected . ”

“Psh… I don’t believe you . Hurry up and tell me, I’m so curious . ”

At this moment, Huo Mian didn’t care about her doctor image… or her genius image… The only thing she wanted to do right now was to stay in Master Qin’s arms .

“Ning-Ning gave me a call and told me about the call you made home . I traced the number and triangulated your position, discovering that you were in Tasmania . ”

“So you came here directly?”

“Yes, I was going to go to Sydney but after I got your position, I flew here . ”

“But Tasmania’s still very big . How did you find me so quickly?” Huo Mian was still in disbelief .

“I first went to the small motel you called from . Realizing that you weren’t there and the fact that two groups of people were after you, I panicked . So, I called a special friend for help . ”

“A special friend?” Huo Mian was even more confused .

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“Button, here boy . ” Qin Chu whistled .

A large black army dog ran over to them immediately, stopping before Qin Chu’s car . It had its tongue out and it was gorgeous .

“An army dog?”

“Yes . My friend found this dog for me and flew him over from Sydney . Apparently, his nose is incredible . All he needs is a sniff of a person’s old piece of clothing and he will find them . ”

“So what did you give him to sniff?” Huo Mian was even more curious .

Qin Chu carefully pulled out a piece of clothing from his bag and showed it to Huo Mian .

The latter almost cried at the sight of it .

It was her white lab coat from South Side .

It hadn’t been washed so her scent and the smell of disinfectants were still present .

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“Wow, you really are amazing…” Huo Mian admired her husband’s impeccable mind . It was especially useful in a time like this .

“Oh, yeah, Honey, Huo Siqian’s still on the island . I don’t know what it’s called… and I don’t know where it is… All I know is that a man named Riley works for him . Riley’s German and he’s been working for Huo Siqian for a very long time . He should be in this town right now . If you find him, you’ll find Huo Siqian’s island . ”

“Yes, I know . I’ve already made arrangements for that . ”

“Also, Huo Siqian’s second personality came out… that’s what gave me the chance to…” Huo Mian wanted to tell Qin Chu everything, but Qin Chu held out his hand and covered her mouth .

“Mian, don’t talk so much . You need to rest right now… Get some sleep and let me handle everything, okay?”

Qin Chu’s gentle voice was like a lullaby, ridding Huo Mian of all of her anxiety and worry . At this moment, she was completely relaxed…

“Yeah… I really haven’t been sleeping much… so tired… haha . ” Huo Mian laughed .

Qin Chu placed her head on his lap… it was good that the car was big enough .

“Honey, how are the kids?” Huo Mian’s voice was already laced with sleepiness .

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“They’re good . ”

“What about Mom and Dad? And my mom and Zhixin?”

“They’re good too . ”

“What about Su Yu and the others?”

“They’re good too . ”

“What about… Lingling and Xiaowei?”

“Everyone’s doing well,” Qin Chu answered every question patiently .

“Once I get home, I want to go back to work at South Side . I miss Jie… and my co-workers… and Director Wu…”

After a little while, sleep finally took over Huo Mian…

Qin Chu took out his cell phone and dialed Lu Yan’s number .

“Brother-in-Law, how are you? You’re not here in Sydney… did you find another lead?” Lu Yan was beyond worried .

“Look who’s here?” Qin Chu pointed his cellphone camera towards the sleeping Huo Mian .

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