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Chapter 3157
Chapter 3157 On the Way Home 7

“Mian… I’m here to take you home . ”

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Qin Chu’s voice was incredibly quiet . It was as if he was afraid to scare Huo Mian .

At the sound of Qin Chu’s voice, Huo Mian finally relented, breaking into tears from everything she had been through .

She quickly turned around and held tightly onto Qin Chu’s neck, afraid to let go . It was as if he would disappear if she released her hands .

She laid against Qin Chu’s chest, sobbing quietly .

Although she wasn’t wailing or crying her heart out, Qin Chu knew how difficult it must’ve been for Huo Mian .

“Don’t cry, Baby… my heart will break . ” Qin Chu wiped away Huo Mian’s tears carefully .

“Honey, I’m good . Our child is good too . ”

After the tears, Huo Mian immediately reported her current situation, afraid that Qin Chu was too worried .

“I know, I know . ”

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Qin Chu cupped Huo Mian’s face with both of his hands, leaving soft kisses on her forehead, cheeks, and nose…

Finally, his lips landed on hers… those cold and enticing petals…

This kiss was long overdue…

Huo Mian felt as if she hadn’t seen Qin Chu for an eternity .

She was overwhelmed with emotions . Surprise, fear, excitement, indignation… all of it mixed in her tears .

“It’s too cold here . Let’s get in the car . ”

With that, Qin Chu lifted Huo Mian up and began walking out from the bottom of the bridge, stepping on the muddy, gravelly grounds .

“Sir, your injury…” One of his subordinates spoke up, worried abound Qin Chu’s wounds from his recent surgery .

Before the man could finish his sentence, however, Qin Chu sent him a sharp look, scaring the man into silence .

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He had already told his men to keep mum about his surgery in front of Huo Mian .

He would tell her after she was healthy enough to handle it . He didn’t want her to worry .

“Honey… what’s wrong?” Huo Mian asked at the sight of the man’s hesitation .

Qin Chu smiled gently and kissed the corner of Huo Mian’s lips again .

“It’s nothing . I didn’t really sleep because I wanted to catch the plane on time . He’s scared that I’ll fall asleep and drop you, haha . ”

Huo Mian: “…”

Master Qin’s cold jokes were not well-received at a time like this .

On the way, Huo Mian clung onto Qin Chu like a koala on a tree .

“Honey, am I heavy?”

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“Yes, not light . ”

“Ha, that’s because of the added weight of our little baby . ”

“Haha, the baby says that it’s not his fault . Our baby’s not born yet,” Qin Chu retorted with a straight face .

“Hahahahaha… Honey, can you stop joking around? Are you trying to kill me with laughter so that you can take over my platinum account in King of Glory?”

Qin Chu: “…”

Qin Chu kept teasing Huo Mian to try and relax her mood .

It was their long-awaited reunion and Qin Chu didn’t want to make it a sad one filled with tears .

After all, excessive crying wasn’t good for Huo Mian or their baby .

So, Qin Chu was giving his all to be funny .

The normally stoic man suddenly turned into a comedian, acting like Tang Chuan and Su Yu .

Inside the black Mercedez-Benz, Qin Chu sat in the backseat with Huo Mian in his arms .

“Sir, what should we do with the people that are after Madame?” one of Qin Chu’s men asked carefully .

Qin Chu’s right hand made a throat-slicing gesture across his neck, gesturing to his subordinate . The latter received the message loud and clear .

“Honey, how did you find me here?” Huo Mian laid her head on his shoulders lovingly . Huo Mian found it incredible that Qin Chu had found her .

Qin Chu actually managed to find her in Tasmania… and he knew that she was hiding underneath a bridge . Was he using some sort of satellite technology? It was truly too accurate to believe .

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