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Chapter 3156
Chapter 3156 On the Way Home 6

“What should we do? I don’t know either! Anyway… I’ll find my sister… no matter what . ”

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“Didn’t you say that Qin Chu’s here too? When are we meeting him?” Qiao Fei asked .

“I don’t know yet . I’ve sent him all the relevant information . With his personality, he should contact me as soon as he lands in Sydney . ”

Lu Yan looked at her watch again…

“He should be here already… unless…”

Lu Yan’s voice trailed off .

“We can’t wait any longer . I’m running out of patience anyways . I need to go to Smith’s place again… I think that the old pervert’s still hiding something from us . ”

“I’ll go with you . ” Qiao Fei got up .

“Aren’t you traumatized?” Lu Yan teased, laughing .

“He’s the one that’s traumatized,” Qiao Fei retorted .

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“Huh? Where’s Amy?” Lu Yan looked around and realized that her female subordinate was nowhere to be found .

“I dismissed her,” Qiao Fei said .

“Why did you chase her away? I left her here to protect you, idiot…” Lu Yan said .

“I don’t need baggage, thank you very much . ” With that, Qiao Fei left the room first .

His characteristic coldness left Lu Yan shaking her head…

Just like that, before Qin Chu contacted her, the impatient Lu Yan left for Shmidt’s place with Qiao Fei .

She was going to use force to get the information of the island out of the old man’s mouth .

– The South Hill Manor –

There was a two-hour difference between China and Australia .

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It was 4 AM in the morning in Australia, so it was 2 AM in the morning in China .

Inside one of the upper-leveled rooms of the South Hill Manor, Pudding was in the middle of a bad dream .

In her dream, she and her little sister were celebrating their birthdays when their mommy suddenly returned .

Their Mommy was covered in blood… and before she could speak, her Mommy fell on the ground, her blood everywhere .

She began to scream her mommy’s name… over and over again… but her mommy simply wouldn’t wake up .

Pudding immediately sat up, her forehead drenched in sweat .

She gasped for breath, almost wheezing for air…

“Mommy… no…” Little Bean, who was next to Pudding, also woke up from a dream .

Pudding instinctively held her little sister tightly .

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“Little Bean, wake up . ”

“Sis, I’m so scared… I’m so scared…” Little Bean tried not to cry .

“What’s wrong? Did you have a bad dream again?” Pudding asked quietly .

“Yeah, I dreamt that Mommy fell off the cliff and was washed away by the sea…wah… I miss Mommy . ” Little Bean began to cry .

The funny thing was that Pudding also had a bad dream… this twin thing really did exist .

“Don’t cry, silly, listen to me . Dreams always happen opposite to real life . Your dream means that Mommy’s coming home soon . ”

“Really? Don’t lie to me…” Little Bean stopped crying, clinging onto Pudding even tighter .

“Yes, I’m not lying . Really . ”

“I really want Mommy back soon . I really, really miss her . Sis… when mommy comes back, let’s be good and stop causing her trouble, okay?”

“Okay, we’ll listen to her and not make her mad anymore . ” Pudding nodded with difficulty .

– Tasmania –

Huo Mian staggered all the way down to the bottom of an abandoned bridge .

She realized that walking on the surface was too noticeable . The roads were empty and if she kept walking, they’d grab her right away .

After she reached the bottom of the bridge, a shadow lunged at her, grabbing her tightly .

Just as she was about to scream, a whiff of the familiar scent from the shadow’s neck stopped her in her tracks . Her heart almost stopped .

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