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Chapter 3154: 3154
Chapter 3154 On the Way Home 4

“I’m actually an intern doctor . ”

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“Oh? A doctor… you’re in medicine…”

“Yes . ” Huo Mian nodded .

“That’s incredible! Let me tell you… this country is lacking Chinese doctors like you . You should open up your own clinic . It’s very difficult to see a doctor over here… it’s different in this country . And you, why are you in such a state with such a great background? Why don’t you abort your child and leave your boyfriend? I’ll introduce you to someone . I have a good friend… her son is very successful . He works in Sydney as a financial analyst . He earns tens of thousands of dollars each month, and he has a car and a house . He already has Australian citizenship too! Do you know what’s great here? Because of the low population, the government gives you money for having children . The more you have, the more money you get . Isn’t that great?”

“Ugh…” Huo Mian didn’t know what to say…

“What do you think about my suggestion?”

“Auntie, thank you for your suggestion… but I can’t abort my child . It’s my child… I could never do that . ”

“We could work with that too . Why don’t you give birth and then we’ll look for a family to adopt your baby? Otherwise, it’ll be hard to find a good man . ”

“I don’t need someone else . I’ve never even thought about that . ”

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“What are you saying? You’re still so young . ”

“I’m not that young . I’m 27… almost 30,” Huo Mian corrected .

“That’s still young, silly girl… you should plan for your future while you’re still young . ”

Huo Mian felt so guilty for lying . No wonder the old proverbs advised people not to lie .

Once a lie was told, a hundred more lies must be weaved to cover the first lie .

She really wanted to tell the Auntie that, not only was she old, she already had two adorable daughters .

However, after some thought, she decided to keep chatting with the auntie . It didn’t matter anyway…

“Honey, you should really listen to my advice . ”

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“Auntie, how did you end up in Australia? You sound like you’re from Shandong province?”

“Yes, how did you know?” The auntie was taken aback .

“Because I’ve been there before . The people there are very down to earth and very friendly . ”

“Yes, I’m from Yang Gu, Shandong… the birthplace of Kung Fu…ever heard of it?”

“Yes I do . It’s a very famous place . ” Huo Mian nodded .

“I came here around seven or eight years ago . At first, my daughter was finishing up her Ph . D . Later she got her citizenship and married an Australian . They later had a kid so I came here to help . Now that the kid’s in school, I have nothing to do so my daughter opened up a small shop for me to pass time . ”

“Is your husband also here?” Huo Mian asked .

“My husband… died 15 years ago . Car accident . ”

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“Oh, my apologies, Auntie, I didn’t know . ”

“It’s alright . Let’s keep talking about you . If you want, I’ll tell my friend tomorrow . Both she and her son are in Sydney . What do you think?”

“Ahem… um… Auntie, I’m done, I’ll go do the dishes . ”

“Let me . You’re pregnant right now and shouldn’t be doing these things . ” The elderly woman took away Huo Mian’s bowl; she really was kind-hearted .

“Auntie, I’m a little tired . I’m going to sleep here for a little while . ”

“I can’t let you do that . Go upstairs to my bedroom . It’s clean there . It’s too dirty and cold here . ”

“It’s really okay . I’ll leave in the morning . ”

“You’re leaving in the morning? Why are you in such a hurry? Where are you heading to?”

“I’m heading back home…back to my family,” said Huo Mian .

Before the auntie could reply, they heard busy footsteps from outside of the house…

“The cameras show that she disappeared around here . Search every house . We have to find her . ” The voice of a foreign man sounded from the outside .

Alarmed, Huo Mian stood up immediately .

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