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Chapter 3151: 3151
Chapter 3151 On the Way Home 1

“Now you’re asking me? Chase her down! A bunch of idiots!”

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The news of Huo Mian’s escape enraged Kevin; he was about to open fire on everyone .

If they failed Ian, he really didn’t know what would happen to them .

He cursed at himself for not hogtying the woman up back at the motel . He should’ve tied her up and stuffed her into the car, simple and direct .

He couldn’t believe that such a young and quiet woman could be so cunning .

He thought back to Ian’s orders, telling him to grab her without the use of brute force, that he needed to be gentle, and that he needed to coax .

She seemed quite important to Ian…

After weighing his options, Kevin had decided to go easy on Huo Mian, but much to his surprise, she managed to escape from right under his nose .

With Kevin’s orders, his minions all scattered to search for Huo Mian .

Because there weren’t many Asian faces in the small town, finding the woman shouldn’t be too difficult…

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After Huo Mian left the mall, she dove straight into crowds .

It was early in the morning, however, and crowds were hard to come by . Australians had a very different way of life; they weren’t into busy night markets and nightlives .

She dodged left and right, learning from her past mistake of walking in small alleyways .

Luckily, she ran into a town bus that was sent by companies to accommodate overnight employees .

As she got on the bus, she pulled out a large American bill and handed it to the driver, making the latter’s jaws drop .

Before the driver could give her a response, a kind beauty stepped in and put in some coins for Huo Mian .

“You’re a tourist, aren’t you?” she asked .

“Ugh… yes, I’m new here . I don’t really understand… thank you . ” Huo Mian thanked the young girl over and over again .

“No problem . Don’t worry too much . Everything will get better . God will protect you, girl . ”

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“Okay . ” The young girl was probably a Christian since she referred to God, but she was also genuinely kind .

So, as thanks, Huo Mian gave the young girl a large stash of American dollars but the girl wouldn’t accept it no matter what…

The bus began to move . Huo Mian, having a smaller frame, was nicely hidden amongst the tall and broad Australians .

The sky was getting light . She had been running since the wee hours of the previous morning and yet, she was still in the small town . She didn’t know if it was a blessing or a curse…

She didn’t even know where the bus was heading…

The bus was far gone by the time Kevin’s men arrived . They searched and searched the premises but couldn’t find even a trace of Huo Mian .

Kevin clenched his fist in rage…

“You guys keep looking . We have to find her . Otherwise, we’re all dead . ”

“Yes, sir . ”

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With that, Kevin’s minions spread out once more .

– Inside a motel –

“How’s it going? Did you find anything?” Riley asked .

“I learned that Miss Huo entered a motel in the ghetto . She also killed a man who tried to assault her . ”

“Where is she now? Still in the motel?”

“No, someone took her . ”

“Who took her away?”

“Not sure of their identities yet . ”

“Shit . Go, all of you . Find a way to stop those people . We can’t let Miss Huo leave Tasmania…because our boss… is waking up soon . ”

“Even if Boss is awake, there’s nobody on the island . He’s still chained up . Should we send some people to help him?”

“John, come here . ” Riley gestured at John .

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