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Chapter 3142: 3142
Chapter 3142 Finally Found You 12

“I’ll be fine . I can manage,” Huo Mian said as she ate the hamburger .

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“Okay… Good luck . ”

After the meal, John left from the front door with the antidote while Huo Mian disappeared into a small alley .

When John returned, he saw everyone was waiting for him .

“Where’s the antidote?” Riley asked .

“Here it is, Boss . ”

“Where’s Miss Huo?”

“She was still eating in the hamburger shop when I left . ”

“Did you check the antidote? Are you sure it’s real?” Riley asked .

“I think so . I saw Miss Huo take out a small vial of medicine and mix it with water . ”

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“Did she tell you how to take it?” Riley lifted the bottle of water and examined it .

“Yes . She said we each take a drink of it and then in the next week we must drink 20 glasses of water each day; oh, we must do 100 pushups each day, too . ”

Riley: “…”

“Miss Huo said the exercise will remove the toxin faster . ”

“Okay . ” Riley opened the lid and took a big mouthful before handing the bottle to his men .

This trip of provision deliverance cost them a lot since this group of men was played by a young woman .

– Meanwhile, in a suburban villa in Sydney –

Smith brought Qiao back to his house and led him directly to his bedroom .

“Qiao, do you want to take a shower first?” the white old man asked suggestively .

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“You go ahead and take a shower, Mr . Smith . I’ll wait here for you . ”

“Okay, little baby… I’ll come out soon . ”

Before he entered the bathroom, he gave Qiao Fei a creepy look .

Qiao Fei snorted . When he entered the house, the bodyguards at the gate had searched him with high-tech scanning devices because no weapons were allowed in the house . Knowing the rules of the house, Lu Yan hadn’t let him bring his pistol and dagger .

In less than 20 minutes, the old guy walked out of the bathroom eagerly dressed in a loose white bathrobe with a black whip in his hand .

There were some dark red stains on the whip, looking like dried blood .

“Let’s start from the basics, okay?” Smith asked with a smile .

“Okay . I’m fine with it . ” Qiao Fei was calm .

“Baby, take off your clothes and put on this . ”

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The old guy took out a leather dog leash with a heavy chain from a cupboard .

Qiao Fei lowered his head and picked up the iron chain slowly, weighing it in his hand .

“Take off your clothes,” the old guy looked down at him and ordered .

Qiao Fei sat on the sofa and didn’t move .

Losing patience, the old guy lashed the whip at Qiao Fei .

Qiao Fei caught the whip with a tight grip .

“You dare to disobey me?” the old guy asked .

“Why should I obey you, an old pervert?” Qiao Fei asked in fluent English .

“If you’re obedient to me, I’ll let you go after our play . If you don’t obey me, I’ll make you die a gruesome death . I can tell you I damaged quite a few oriental men just like you each month, including students, models, and actors…” The old guy smiled sinisterly .

“Oh? Come on and try it on me . ” Qiao Fei’s tone was still mild .

“Fellow, it seems you want to take it the hard way… I’m not a patient man . ” Smith walked toward Qiao Fei .

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