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Chapter 3140: 3140
Chapter 3140 Finally Found You 10

Seeing Riley give in, Huo Mian smiled .

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“John . ”

“Yes, Boss . ”

“Deliver Miss Huo to a safe place and return with the antidotes . ”

“Yes, Sir . ”

“Boss, will the woman run with the antidote…?” Still, many guys didn’t trust Huo Mian .

“No, I trust Miss Huo isn’t a person who would kill more than ten people without a good reason . ”

“You sound as if you know me well . ” Huo Mian smiled faintly .

“I’m sure the boss wouldn’t love a sinister woman . ”

“But two of your guys died because of me…” Huo Mian reminded him .

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On the island, Riley had shot a guy who took things into his own hands, and just now, another guy tried to take the antidote from her by force but got himself killed .

“They…asked for it . It’s not your fault, Miss Huo,” Riley said mildly .

It seemed Riley was a man with good sense despite his solemn face and stiff ways .

“Good . Then it’s settled . Since Mr . Riley trusts me, I won’t disappoint you . I will give you the antidotes, but I must leave you guys first…”

“I know . ”

“Money?” Huo Mian extended her hand and asked for money from a man for the first time in her life, and this man was a man she had met not long ago .

Riley slowly took out his wallet from his pocket and pulled out a thick wad of US dollars .

“It’s about 5,000, enough for you to live here for a few days . ”

“I know . ” Huo Mian took the money without a fuss .

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“I can’t give you the passport . If you want, I can help you get an ID . ”

“It’s not necessary . ”

“But Miss Huo, I must warn you . ”

“Go ahead . ” Putting the money into her bag, Huo Mian looked up at Riley .

“It’s Australia here but it doesn’t mean it’s safe . You know, some people don’t like Chinese people . You’re a fragile woman, so you must not go out after 6 PM . The local people are nice, but you might be kidnapped by gangs . Be careful . ”

“Thank you for your advice, Mr . Riley . I’ll remember it . ” Huo Mian smiled .

“John, go with Miss Huo,” Riley ordered .

“Yes, Boss . ”

“Then let’s part ways . I hope I’ll never see you again, Mr . Riley . ”

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That said, Huo Mian turned and left as the guy named John followed her closely .

Looking at Huo Mian’s back, Riley’s eyes became unreadable .

“Boss, shall we have someone follow them?”

“No . Miss Huo is very smart . If she finds that our people are following her, we’ll achieve the opposite effects . Don’t do things rashly before we get the antidotes . ”

“Oh . Then we’ll just let her leave?”

“Of course not . After we get the antidote, I’ll send some new guys to catch her . If she gets away, I can’t explain it to the boss when he wakes up . ”

Riley originally had planned to deliver the medicine to Huo Siqian and meet him .

He had not expected such a turn of events with his boss still unconscious on the deserted island .

When he wakes up and finds Huo Mian had gone missing, he’d get into a fury and probably kill them all .

After walking for a while, Huo Mian felt tired and turned to look at John, asking, “Are you hungry?”

“Huh?” John looked dumbfounded .

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