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Chapter 3138: 3138
Chapter 3138 Finally Found You 8

Riley didn’t speak .

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Huo Mian was clearly angry at herself for not thinking of this earlier .

“When we land, you give me half of the antidote and I’ll take you to my contacts to make an ID for you . ”

“No need,” Huo Mian refused without hesitation .

“You don’t trust me?” Riley chuckled .

“Of course not . You’re Huo Siqian’s man . I don’t want to return to that goddamned place . ”

That said, Huo Mian walked to the stern and watched the turbulent waves disturbed by the engine with complicated feelings inside .

She had to think about the problem of her ID; fortunately, she knew English, or she’d not be able to survive in this place .

The boat finally moved closer to the pier…

Without anyone’s help, Huo Mian was the first to leap onto the pier, looking like a tough woman .

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“Miss Huo, where’s our antidote?” Riley extended out his hand .

“I’ll take John with me . When I come to a place that I think is safe, I’ll give your antidote to John . ”

“No . If you run, where do I get the antidote?” one of them objected .

“I won’t run since John will be with me . You don’t trust him?” Huo Mian asked .

Riley was silent as if he was considering Huo Mian’s words .

“Boss, I won’t disappoint you and will return with antidotes . I won’t let the woman get away,” with a gun in his hand, John promised .

“Boss, what do you think of the plan?”

“Miss Huo, now that you’ve left the island, the least you can do is giving part of the antidote to us,” Riley said .

“Mr . Riley, don’t bargain with me . Even though we’re on land, I won’t hesitate to die with you if you don’t agree to my terms . ”

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Huo Mian was determined not to budge .

“Woman, how can you do this to us?” one of them cursed her in English .

“You must listen to me since I have your antidote . ”

“Do you have the antidote or not? I hope you’re not lying . When you left the island, you didn’t take things with you, right? Where is the antidote? I just don’t believe you,” one young white guy asked .

Hearing his words, everyone looked toward Huo Mian’s bag which was the only thing she had taken with her upon leaving the island .

No one knew what was in it because she had never opened it during the trip .

She even brought it with her when she went to the washing room .

Everyone was tempted; after all, if the antidote was in the bag, they could just grab it and take the antidote .

“Of course I have the antidote . I advise you not to have other ideas, or you’ll take the consequences . ” Huo Mian glanced at Riley mildly .

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“I don’t believe her . I think it’s in the bag . No, we can’t let her go . I want the antidote now…”

The young white guy lunged at her .

“Mathew, stop . ” Riley didn’t like Mathew’s idea .

During the time since he had met Huo Mian, he had found the woman was very smart and horribly attentive to details; she could easily outmaneuver these guys .

So, he didn’t think she would do such an obvious thing as to put the antidote in her bag .

But the white guy looked like a pot abuser on crack and didn’t obey Riley .

He walked to Huo Mian and grabbed her bag from her shoulder rudely .

To his surprise, Huo Mian didn’t resist .

When he opened the bag, he saw only some ordinary objects such as a towel and a toothbrush… There was also a moderately-sized wooden box .

“The antidote must be in here . ” Hearing the young white guy’s words, the others perked up .

“I advise you not to touch my stuff…” Huo Mian warned him with a dark expression .

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