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Chapter 3134: 3134
Chapter 3134 Finally Find You 4

“I don’t have the persecutory delusional disorder, but I do have bipolar disorder . Do you want me to give you a beating?” Lu Yan laughed .

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Qiao Fei: “…”

“Okay, don’t mess around . Dress up and do your task, okay?

“You seem eager to give out your own husband . ” Qiao Fei looked at her sulkily .

“Haha! No! I’m just eager to see how that guy will react when he sees you . ”

Qiao Fei looked at her speechlessly; this damned girl just did whatever came to her mind .

One hour later, Lu Yan’s private plane arrived in Sydney, Australia before Qin Chu did .

Due to her special identity, she pulled some strings and landed in a low-keyed way . Changing into fresh clothes, they drove to a commercial skyscraper .

“Mr . Smith, this is my… friend Mr . Little Qiao . ”

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“Ahem…” Her subordinates standing behind them almost choked .

It was weird to hear her call the arrogant and cool Young Master Qiao “Little Qiao”…

The white old man was stout and looked fierce with a mustache on his cheeks .

His looks didn’t match the suit he was wearing .

“Miss Lu’s friend is very pretty . ”

Yes, he described Qiao Fei, a man, with the word “pretty” .

“Hehe… I know Mr . Smith has a thing for our oriental men . So, I brought a friend to keep you company . ”

As she said it, Lu Yan cursed silently, “This damned guy, just wait how I’ll deal with you after it’s done . ”

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“Miss Lu, you’re so kind . Do you want a favor from me?” The white guy with mustache gave them a creepy smile .

“Yes, Mr . Smith . To be honest, my sister went missing lately, and according to our information, it seems she was kidnapped to an island near Australia… But you know, there are too many islands for me to check one by one . Even Australia is a big island . ”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that your sister is missing…” the white old guy said cautiously .

“I know you have all the information about the islands… Can you do us a favor and check the islands? It’s hard for us to do it ourselves…”

“But I can’t do it . They are secrets . Many islands have been sold to individuals and I’m not allowed to reveal customers’ information . ”

The white old man refused firmly .

Lu Yan gave him a cold smile . “That’s why I came to you, Mr . Smith; I know your great abilities . Can you make an exception for me? I’m desperate to find my sister . ”

“Um… Miss Lu, you’re making it difficult for me . I do want to help you, but I must do my job . ”

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The white old guy continued to give her the bureaucratic response .

Not caring to say more, Lu Yan gestured at her subordinates .

They immediately handed her a leather suitcase .

Lu Yan placed the suitcase in front of the old guy and opened it .

“This is one million US dollars . Mr . Smith, when I find my sister, I’ll give you another two million as a thank-you . ”

“Um…” Seeing the money, the old guy had a new look in his eyes .

“Miss Lu, I understand you’re eager to find your sister . But I’m a government employee and can’t do things against the law . At my age, I want to continue with my job until I retire . ”

“Little Qiao, ahem… Why don’t you bring a cup of tea to Mr . Smith?” Lu Yan coughed lightly .

“Me?” Qiao Fei looked nonplussed and resentful, wondering why she wanted him to bring tea to this old guy .

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