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Chapter 3133: 3133
Chapter 3133 Finally Find You 3


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The men saw Riley standing not far behind Huo Mian, with a pistol in his hand .

The black guy had dropped to the ground with a big hole in his head .

Seeing this sight, Huo Mian felt sick and almost threw up .

Turning her head to one side, she held her chest and retched .

“Are you okay?” Walking over, Riley glanced at Huo Mian expressionlessly .

Huo Mian shook her head but couldn’t speak .

“The rest of you guys listen up; if you dare to touch Miss Huo, you’ll end just like him,” pointing at the fallen black guy, Riley said solemnly .

Yes, he knew how important this woman was to their boss .

“Boss, we didn’t do it . It was him… He started it . ”

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“Okay . Forget it and get onto the boat . ”

Finally, Huo Mian followed the men onto the boat and watched as it drove away from the island .

Huo Mian let out a deep breath in her heart .

“I hope I won’t see this damned place ever again…” she murmured to herself .

This place was heaven to Huo Siqian but was hell in her eyes .

“Baby, Mom is taking you home to see your dad and sisters…” Touching her belly, Huo Mian finally revealed the first satisfied smile in days .

Meanwhile, Qin Chu was on the transfer flight to Australia .

“President Qin, these are the documents you asked for . ”

Taking the thick pile of documents, Qin Chu was surprised to find that there were so many islands around Australia .

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If he had to search it one by one, when could he finish?

After a moment of consideration, he decided to contact Lu Yan again .

Equipped with high-tech devices, Lu Yan could even make calls and have video chats on flights . The watches she and the professor wore were made by the professor and were communication devices with powerful functions .

Before Qin Chu could make the call, Lu Yan called him first .

“Brother-in-law, where are you?”

“I’m still on the flight . ”

“Oh . I’m probably faster than you . I’ll land in one hour . ”

“I have the documents about the islands around Australia but there are too many of them . I think it will take us lots of time to sort them through . Do you have a way to quicken the process?”

“Oh, this… I have a way to do it . I don’t need any documents . The moment I land, I’ll go and meet an important person . ”

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“Who?” Qin Chu was curious .

“It’s a secret . Well, if we can finish the mission, don’t thank me; you must thank Qiao Fei . ”

Before she could finish, Qiao Fei grabbed over the watch and ended the video chat .

“Damn it . Why didn’t you let me finish the call?” Lu Yan looked innocent .

“Are you a moron? Why did you tell your brother-in-law that?”

“Don’t worry, my brother-in-law won’t laugh at you . After all, you are doing this just to save my sister . ”

“Still, you can’t tell him… Don’t tell him, understand?”

Qiao Fei was almost going crazy, wondering if Lu Yan had gone nuts to come up with such an idea .

“We’ll land in one hour, Psycho Qiao . Do what you’re good at . Haha . ”

“I’m indeed good at something . Do you want to try it?” Qiao Fei suddenly leaned toward Lu Yan’s face .

She blushed instantly .

“You are such a perv, don’t take advantage of me . ” Lu Yan pounded Qiao Fei with her fists .

“I didn’t even touch you, how can you call it taking advantage of you? Miss Lu Yan, do you have the persecutory delusional disorder?” Qiao Fei gave her a dirty look .

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