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Published at 24th of May 2020 10:25:05 PM
Chapter 3126: 3126

Chapter 3126 Doctor Huo is so Domineering 16

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“What problem?” Riley asked .

“‘I can’t explain it in a short period of time, let’s talk while walking,” Huo Mian casually said .

Riley stared Huo Mian down, trying to see what she was playing at .

“You better put down your gun, I don’t like being pointed at with one… You should know who I am, and since you know, you should understand that I’m not your boss’s prisoner . He treats me way better than you do,” Huo Mian said .

When he heard that, Riley slowly put down the gun…

“Boss, this woman is playing tricks, we need to be careful,” a black man reminded .

“Don’t worry, I’m just a lone woman against so many men with guns… Are you scared of me?” Huo Mian smiled .

“Don’t play tricks, even if my boss likes you, I will still kill you . ” Riley coldly scanned Huo Mian’s face .

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“Let’s go, I’ll bring you somewhere . I’ll tell you what exactly happened on the way . ”

After speaking, Huo Mian led the way with Riley and his men following behind her .

They headed towards the basement…

“You’re here to bring him his meds, right?” Huo Mian asked Riley in a hushed voice .

Riley clearly heard Huo Mian, as he shook a little .

“Don’t give me that expression, I know his illness far better than you do . I’ve seen him when it was happening,” Huo Mian said .

“What happened to my boss?”

“He’s not your boss now, he’s in his alternate personality . ”

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Afterward, Huo Mian told Riley about how it happened . As he listened, his face got more stormy .

“I know that you don’t completely trust me, so I am going to let you see for yourself . ”

Riley looked at Huo Mian with doubt .

“Only you can go into the basement . Don’t worry, I can’t hurt you . You can bring your gun with you, because it’s small, I’m afraid that any move would make Jack go off . So, come down with me and do what I tell you to do . Only then will you know the truth . ”

“Boss, let me go in your place,” one of his subordinates seemed to really care about Riley .

“No need, a woman isn’t going to scare me . Wait for me here, I am going down . ”

Riley seemed to look down on Huo Mian . He knew that Huo Mian didn’t have any weapons on her and didn’t know how to fight . She was just a weak woman .

Huo Mian pushed open the small door and shone the flashlight in .

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Jack shot up . “You goddamn woman, what do you want?”

Huo Mian’s repeated entry made him lose patience .

“Good morning, Jack . How did you sleep last night?” Huo Mian chuckled .

“Don’t give me that shit, Bitch . Let me go right now . ”

“Are you regretting not choking me to death?” Huo Mian smiled and asked .

“Yes, if I knew how hard it was to go against you, I should’ve killed you on the spot… You should thank me for my mercy . If I had a second chance, you would be nothing but dead,” Jack cruelly said .

“How tragic . If it was Huo Siqian, he would’ve never treated me like this,” Huo Mian emphasized .

“Only a dumbass like him would like you . I’m not him, I have no mercy for you… I swear, if I have the chance again, I’ll make you die a gruesome death… Bitch . ”

After speaking, Jack struggled like a manic monster, wanting to strangle Huo Mian on the spot .

Huo Mian nodded in satisfaction, then yelled outside the door, “Did you see that, Mr . Riley? This person is definitely not your boss right now . ”

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