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Chapter 3119: 3119
Chapter 3119 Doctor Huo is so Domineering 9

“Auntie, I gotta take this call . ”

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After, Pudding went upstairs with her phone…

“Kiddo, you’re being mysterious all of a sudden…” Qin Ning smiled and kept on texting Tang Chuan .

Pudding went onto the hallway on the second floor, sat on the windowsill, and looked out into the night .

South Hill Manor was carefully designed by Qin Chu . Even though it was styled like an old manor, it wasn’t scary at all .

It was made like the ones in a fairy tale . Every night, the rainbow lights lit up outside along with musical fountains . It was really comforting .

“Handsome Su . ” Pudding picked up and leaned back onto the pillar .

“Wow, why is it so dark?” Su Yu asked .

“I’m sitting on a windowsill, it’s a bit dim here . ”

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“Why don’t you go back to your room? It’s really windy at night,” Su Yu asked caringly .

“Little Bean is asleep . I was planning on going downstairs, but I found that Auntie was texting Uncle Tang . ”

“Ha, okay . Shouldn’t you put on a jacket?”

“No, I’m not cold . ”

“Anyways, kiddo, what do you have to tell me this late at night?”

“Handsome Su, are you at home?”

“Yeah, can’t you tell? It’s the study behind me . ” Su Yu gave her a shot of the study, afraid that she would not believe him .

“Are you alone?”

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“Of course… Don’t you know your Uncle Su?” Su Yu asked while smiling .

Even Tang Chuan laughed at him for being forever single .

All of his friends were in couples, only Su Yu was always the lone wolf .

“Nothing, I was just asking . What I’m going to tell you next is a secret, I don’t want other people to know . ”

“What is it? Why are you being so mysterious?” Su Yu thought that whatever Pudding was thinking about must be big .

She wasn’t a glutton like Little Bean . Her mindset was very adult-like . She knew how to plan for her future .

“Did anyone take Huo Siqian’s company?” Pudding asked .

“No . ”

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“That’s good . ” Pudding nodded in relief .

“Why, you want it?”

“Mhmm . ”

Su Yu was a little surprised .

“Pudding, why do you want that crappy company? It’s an empty shell… Didn’t you sell all the stocks like I told you to?”

“Yes, I have a lot of cash right now . ”


“So I want to get a company to play with,” she said in a serious tone .

“Kiddo, you’re so young, why do you want to deal with a company? You’re not in need of money . Your family will never finish spending your dad’s money, okay?”

Su Yu thought that Pudding was really just too bored and want to find something to do .

“It’s different . Daddy’s company is Daddy’s . I want my own . I don’t want to do much, just invest in stocks and such… Even though Huo Siqian’s company is bankrupt, it still has a foundation . I want to take over… Also, it belongs to the Huo Family . My mommy’s last name is Huo, so I don’t want to see it fall into someone else’s hands . Huo Zhenghai wronged my grandma, so I want to take over . ”

Seeing that Su Yu wouldn’t support her, Pudding analyzed the pros and cons . Su Yu couldn’t argue back .

“Pudding, even though Huo Corporation is an empty shell, you still need a lot of money… Do you have that much?” Su Yu asked .

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