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Published at 23rd of May 2020 03:40:05 AM
Chapter 3117: 3117
Chapter 3117 Doctor Huo is so Domineering 7

“No,” Qiao Fei still rejected her emotionlessly .

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“If you don’t agree, this is over… Hmph, pilot, are we approaching Syria? Drop him off,” Lu Yan said .

Hearing that made Qiao Fei put the tablet down .

“That’s against the rules, Young Madam . Are you a barbarian? Turning face the moment I reject your request?”

“No, I’m even more ruthless than a barbarian, thank you . ” Lu Yan smiled shamelessly .

Qiao Fei didn’t know what to say .

“Qiao Fei, do you love me?”

Qiao Fei was silent .

“If I told you that I loved you, you would use that against me… If I told you that I didn’t, you will throw me off the plane… Which one is worse?” Qiao Fei contemplated .

“Haha, being funny is a first for you . I’m going to die laughing…”

“I haven’t seen you this happy in a really long time . It looks like you’re confident about rescuing Mian . ”

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Qiao Fei knew that Lu Yan was a hundred percent confidant about rescuing Huo Mian if she could laugh like that .

“That’s right, I’ll be able to see my sister very soon… I’m not going to get her home though . ”

“Where are you going with her?” Qiao Fei was confused .

“I’ll take her around my turf… She rarely comes out, I have to treat her to try some cobra meat…”

Qiao Fei was speechless…

“Mian is so quiet, don’t scare her, okay?”

“Anyways, I have to treat her well . ”

“Let’s save her first, we don’t even know where she’s hiding . ” Qiao Fei softly sighed .

“It would be great if she really is in Australia . I have connections with both the government and the mafia… ”

Lu Yan was very confident…

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Then, she sat beside Qiao Fei, hugged his arm, and acted coyly .

“Qiao Fei, don’t you want to help me out? Just a little favor…”

Qiao Fei lowered his head and glanced at the view below Lu Yan’s shirt collar .

“If you’re trying to seduce me, I’ll think about it . ”

“Go away, don’t try to take advantage of me . ” Lu Yan bonked Qiao Fei’s head .

“Okay, don’t goof around . What do you want me to do?” Qiao Fei couldn’t say no to Lu Yan .

“Ha, so is that a yes?”

“Just say it . ” Qiao Fei didn’t want to beat around the bush any longer .

“Listen to me first, okay? Don’t freak out…”

“I know it’s not something good when you sugarcoat it so much . ” Qiao Fei scanned Lu Yan’s face .

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“Hehe, let me tell you…” Afterward, Lu Yan told Qiao Fei about it .

“No, I won’t do it . ” Qiao Fei’s face went dark after he heard about it .

“Eh, just once, just once, okay?” Lu Yan kept pestering .

“I won’t do it, it’s too embarrassing…” Qiao Fei shook his head .

“What are you scared of? This isn’t Russia, not that many people know who you are…”

“Why did you ask me out of everyone?” Qiao Fei asked .

“Because you’re the most attractive out of all of us . ”

“That’s a joke, I’m not as attractive as you are . Why can’t you go yourself?” Qiao Fei said in a pissed tone .

“But that dude doesn’t like women… He likes men…”

“So you’re willing to give up your man?”

“Just as a bait… I’m not really letting you go,” Lu Yan said .

“You’re willing to do that to me?” Qiao Fei’s face was filled with anger .

“You need good bait to catch a big fish . ” Lu Yan looked innocent .

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