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Chapter 3111: 3111
Chapter 3111 Doctor Huo is so Domineering 1

This time, Huo Mian didn’t feel alarmed or afraid because she knew Jack was locked up .

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No matter how fierce he was, he was locked tight by the iron chains .

With the flashlight in her hand, she climbed down the ladder cautiously .

After picking up some food when she passed the storage room, she pushed open the door to the small room .

“B*tch, let me out… Or I’ll kill you . ” Jack stared at Huo Mian viciously .

“If I let you out, you’ll kill me . ” Huo Mian looked calm .

“Give me the key . Trust me, you’ll die pathetically if you don’t…” Seeing gentle persuasion didn’t work on Huo Mian, Jack lost his patience and began to insult and curse her .

“I indeed have the key . But do you think I’ll give it to you?”

“Bitch… Go to hell…” Jack’s eyes were as vicious as a wild animal, wanting to tear Huo Mian into pieces .

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At this moment, Huo Mian congratulated herself that she hadn’t been persuaded by this sly guy, or she would have been dead by now .

She now knew why Jack was locked in the underground cellar .

Obviously, Huo Siqian had felt his second personality couldn’t be suppressed, so he locked himself before Jack surfaced .

He left the key in the cottage, or more accurately, he left it to Huo Mian because he knew Jack was violent and would show no mercy to Huo Mian .

It seemed even in the last critical moment, Huo Siqian was thinking of Huo Mian’s safety .

He had at least given her a chance to live .

For that, Huo Mian was grateful to him .

“If you’re done cursing, you can eat something . I don’t want to starve you to death since I don’t want to be alone on the island,” Standing far away from Jack, Huo Mian said .

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Seeing the ham and compressed biscuits that Huo Mian had tossed on the ground before him, Jack was angry .

“You let me eat this?” he complained .

“What do you want to eat? Abalone and lobsters? I want them too, but unfortunately, I don’t have those things,” Huo Mian said indifferently .

“Woman, can’t you cook some porridge?” Jack looked disdainfully at the food .

“What? Porridge? Are you kidding? You damned want to kill me, and you want me to make porridge for you? Do you think I’m unhinged or something? I’m a kind person but I’m not Saint Teresa, thank you very much . You’re a heartless man and should be thankful that I feed you . If you didn’t share a body with Huo Siqian, I’d never give you food . ”Read more chapters at Listnovel . com

“I won’t eat this garbage . ”

“Then you can starve… Oh, here’s the water . You can drink the water and pee in the empty bottle…”

That said, she rolled a bottle of water toward him on the ground and then left .

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“Wait! Don’t go . Come back…” Jack still tried to persuade her .

But Huo Mian ignored him and continued walking .

“Auch! My leg hurts… I have cramps in my leg… Huo Mian, you’re a doctor . Please help me . ”

With her hand on the door handle, Huo Mian paused in her steps .

Then she looked back at him and said coolly, “You won’t die of pain . ”

Tossing the words at her shoulder, she pulled open the door and left .

“Bitch! Huo Mian, you won’t end well . When I go out, I’ll cut you into pieces . ” Jack went violent again .

Coming out of the basement, Huo Mian exhaled deeply .

She wondered how long Jack would remain in this state; on the other hand, if Huo Siqian woke up, it wasn’t a good thing for her, either, because she couldn’t leave the island anyway .

The path from the basement to the cottage was covered in weeds .

Suddenly, something caught her attention, and her eyes brightened immediately .

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