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Chapter 3110: 3110
Chapter 3110 The Real and Fake Huo Siqian 10

– At Shen Mingxi’s manor-

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Because of the incident with Wei Liao, Shen Mingxi didn’t stay for the meal in Qin Chu’s house .

After coming home, Shen Mingxi entrusted Tiantian to Fang and went to work in his company .

It was a weekend and there was no school . Tiantian felt at home in Shen Mingxi’s house as if she was the mistress of the house .

To tell the truth, Fang didn’t like this kid, thinking her personality was very weird .

She had a sinister look in her eyes when she spoke .

On the TV, the reporters were interviewing Wei Ying in her newly opened shop . Seeing her answer the reporter’s question with high spirits, Tiantian turned off the TV .

“Fang . ”

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“Yes, Miss Tiantian?”

“Who do you think is prettier, Wei Ying or my mom?” Tiantian suddenly asked with a cold face .

“Um…” Fang didn’t know how to answer .

She had never seen Huo Yanyan before except the pictures on Tiantian’s cellphone .

“Come on . Is it difficult to answer?” Tiantian was piqued .

“Your mom is prettier . ” Fang knew if she said Wei Ying was prettier, the girl would throw a tantrum .

Sure enough, Tiantian said smugly, “I think so too . Otherwise, Uncle Shen wouldn’t have divorced Wei Ying and stayed with my mom and me . Don’t you think so?”

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“Miss Tiantian, I must correct you . No matter how beautiful a woman is, she must be moral and not break a household as the other woman . It’s not right . Understand?” Fang thought this kid didn’t have correct values about the world .

“That’s nonsense . My mom isn’t the mistress… You know nothing . Before Wei Ying, my mom had been in love with Uncle Shen for a long time… The despicable woman Wei Ying used some dirty tricks to take Uncle Shen from my mom . So, it’s Wei Ying who was the other woman . ”

“Miss Tiantian, who told you this?” Fang was astonished .

Tiantian looked to be about 6 years old; how could she say such things?

“I don’t need anyone to tell me . Even a blind person can see it . You’re only a housemaid, a servant . You know nothing . Don’t think you can lecture me just because you’re older than me . In this home, I’m the mistress and you’re a servant . You have no right to lecture me . ”

Hearing Tiantian’s words, Fang was speechless .

She had never seen a kid acting like this . However, the girl always looked meek in front of Shen Mingxi and called him Uncle Shen sweetly . Mr . Shen was very good to her; but…

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“My mom has a mental disease and may not be able to return home; but I’ll never allow Wei Ying to enter this home too!” Tiantian sneered and then turned to walk upstairs .

Fang had been mopping the floor; she paused with the mop in her hand and had a bad taste in her mouth .

The girl was so crafty at such a young age; what would she become when she grows up?

– On the deserted island –

Huo Mian studied the old cellphone in her hands .

She was regretful that she hadn’t studied hacking skills . She had once hacked into Lin Mingyu’s computer and read the secret data in it, but she had done it with a computer . Now facing an outdated cellphone without any tools, she was clueless . She wished she had studied some top-level hacking skills . If Lu Yan was here, she would probably be able to hack into the cellphone within a minute .

At this moment, faint roars came from the basement… Huo Mian stood up slowly .

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