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Published at 19th of May 2020 10:10:05 PM
Chapter 3101: 3101
Chapter 3101 The Real and Fake Huo Siqian 1

“What?” Su Yu thought he had heard it wrong .

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But Qin Chu didn’t repeat his words; instead, he gazed at Su Yu solemnly .

“You said the mysterious old man who performed the surgery on you is Mian’s… biological father?”

“Yes . ”

“My goodness…” Su Yu was stunned .

“No, no . I’ve got to sit down…” Su Yu put his hand on his heart, feeling his heartbeat was unusually fast .

Qin Chu didn’t speak .

“But… Qin Chu, didn’t Mian’s father die many years ago?” Su Yu finally found his voice .

“Jing De wasn’t her biological father . ”

“It means Mian’s mother isn’t her biological mother?” Su Yu finally understood .

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“You’re right . It all began from the incident happening in the hospital long ago…”

Then Qin Chu told him Huo Mian’s family background briefly so the latter would understand the situation .

Hearing the story, Su Yu was stunned into speechlessness .

“You mean the insignificant old man whom I argued with is a professor who has won respect from even the FBI?”

“Yeah . ”

“Fu*k! I was stupid to speak to him in that way . ” Su Yu looked regretful .

“It’s not your fault . After all, he didn’t tell you about his identity . You were right to be cautious . ”

“I knew the old man was extraordinary since Pudding and Rick knew about him . But I never imagined…”

“The professor’s identity is special, and many people have schemes against him, so he must be careful . Please forgive him . ”

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“Huh? That means Mian has a bad-ass younger sister?”

Qin Chu didn’t tell him the details about Lu Yan, but Su Yu knew she was also extraordinary .

After all, a young girl who could gain a great reputation in the world of mercenaries couldn’t be an ordinary person .

“Yes . ”

“Then she’s the person who had sneaked into the hospital and drugged my bodyguards?”

“I suppose so . ” Qin Chu nodded as he guessed .

“Damn it… The genes in Mian’s family are awesome; every family member is a great figure . How about her biological mother?”

“The issue concerning her biological mother is complicated, and even Mian and I don’t understand it yet . I’ll tell you about it little by little . ”

“Do Mian’s current mother and Zhixin know about it?”

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“No . The fewer people who know about it, the better,” Qin Chu said .

“How about Huo Siqian?”

“He does . In fact, he learned of it long ago . ”

“Fu*k! Even that bastard knows of it . ”

“This time, he set this trap and took Mian away probably because of Ian . ”

“Ian…” Repeating the strange name, Su Yu felt as if he had entered a new world .

“These things…” Before Qin Chu could finish, Su Yu said immediately, “I won’t tell anyone . Don’t worry . ”

“I know . I wanted to say that these things are not as simple as they look . With Mian’s identity and the special situation with her family members, I will handle the issue alone . ”

“What do you mean?” Su Yu glared at him .

“I don’t want to drag you into the dirty water,” Qin Chu said frankly .

Yes . Things had deteriorated so much that Qin Chu was worried that Su Yu would be in danger if he continued to get involved .

Ian wouldn’t stop hunting down Lu Yan or investigating Huo Mian’s family background .

They would eventually confront Ian; this guy was an extremely dangerous enemy and would bring danger to the Su Family .

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