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Published at 19th of May 2020 04:10:04 AM
Chapter 3100: 3100
Chapter 3100 The Whole World is Looking for Huo Mian 20

“Handsome Su, what do you mean? Do you think I’m so shallow?” Little Bean felt wronged .

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“I do,” Pudding and Su Yu said at the same time .

“Damn it . You guys… Dad, look, Qin Zhaozhao and Handsome Su ganged up on me . ” Little Bean turned her head and tried to get sympathy from her dad .

“Whoa . You’re good, kiddo . You even tell on me? Now with your dad back, you just dumped me?” Su Yu teased her .

“Pooh… Nonsense… Handsome Su, you’ve been with me for so long; you know me I’m not like that . ”

“Handsome Su said that because he knows you well . ” Pudding laughed .

“Get out . Stinky Pudding, don’t mess with me… I’m bonding with Handsome Su . ”

“Good . How do you want to bond with me?” Su Yu held Little Bean in his arms and looked at her dotingly .

“Handsome Su, these snacks are my favorites… It means you love me more, right?” Little Bean said with a smirk .

“You’re imagining things . ”

“It’s the truth . My sister doesn’t like sweet snacks because she’s afraid to get fat . But I see the snacks are all sweet . ”

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“Okay . You’re smart . Those are all for you . ”

“I can keep some and you can take the rest with you . I can’t take them all…”

Su Yu was surprised to hear these words from Little Bean .

“Whoa . Our Miss Little Bean surprises me . You used to love the snacks as much as your life . But today you told me to bring some of them back? What’s happening?”

“Because my mom… doesn’t want me to eat too many sweets; she said they are not good for my teeth and health,” Little Bean said the words with a serious expression .

Hearing it, Su Yu had a lump in his throat .

“Little Bean, Gao Boyuan is here . Go and greet him . ” Pudding immediately changed the subject .

“Really? I’ll go and see…” Hearing her sister’s words, Little Bean immediately jumped down from Su Yu’s arms and ran to Gao Ran’s car not far from them .

Then, Pudding walked to stand before Su Yu .

“Handsome Su, Little Bean didn’t mean to make you sad . Please don’t be sad . ”

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“Can you read minds now? You know what I’m thinking?” Su Yu smiled .

“I know you’re as sad as we are because of my mom . ” Pudding put her hand on Su Yu’s shoulder .

Her small hand gave him great comfort .

“I’m fine . Pudding, really, I’m fine… I’ve always been confident that your mom is fine… But your dad…”

“After the surgery, my dad is not as gloomy as before . He has plans to find Mom . My sister and I never talk about it but we understand each other very well . ”

“The combined IQ of your family is frightening,” Su Yu joked .

“Pudding…” From the distance, Wei Yunchu got out of the car and called out to her .

“Fu*k! That kiddo is here, too . Go to your playmates . I’ll talk to your dad . ”

“Okay . ” Pudding nodded and walked toward Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei’s car .

Su Yu walked slowly toward Qin Chu .

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“Are you feeling okay now?”

“Yeah . I’m almost fully recovered . ”

“Do you have a plan to search for Huo Mian?”

“The search is on . We’ll talk about it when we find some clues . ”

“There’re no clues . How do you do the search?”

“I’ll go and see Ah-Cheng after dinner . ”

“I saw him; he knows little . ”

“I think he’s keeping something from you . I’ll talk to him alone and see if I can get some clues . ”

“Good . Tell me when you have news . ”

“Su Yu . ”


“The old man who performed surgery on me…”

Su Yu looked at Qin Chu questioningly .

“He’s Mian’s biological father,” Qin Chu said mildly .

Hearing his words, Su Yu was dumbfounded .

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