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Chapter 3099: 3099
Chapter 3099 The Whole World is Looking for Huo Mian 19

She had always thought Huo Siqian didn’t have any electronic devices on him due to his fear of being found .

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During the time when they were on the island, she had never seen Huo Siqian make calls or use a cellphone .

She was surprised to find it; it wasn’t a smartphone but an old-fashioned cellphone, but it was the only device that she could use to contact the outside world .

She turned on the cellphone and intended to call Qin Chu; she imagined how excited Qin Chu would be when he answered it .

But she was stupefied when she turned it on because it needed a six-digit password to use .

Huo Mian was smart and skilled at medicine, but unlike Lu Yan, she didn’t know any high-tech or hacking skills .

She calmed down and tried to remember Huo Siqian’s birthday; she put the numbers in, but it wasn’t right .

She put in her own birthday, but it was still not right .

She put in Huo Zhenghai’s birthday, but with no success; she even put in Yan Ruoxi’s birthday which she had seen on the girl’s Weibo page, but still no success .

In desperation, she put in the simple passwords such as 123456 and 654321, but still no success .

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Finally, she put it down quietly in despair .

Then, one thing caught her eye .

A tiny key lay beside the water glass on the table which she ate her meals on

It was small but had complicated teeth…

When did the key appear on the table?

Did Huo Siqian leave it here on purpose? Was this the key to the iron chains that locked Jack?

Although she couldn’t turn on the cellphone without a password, she felt better when she saw the key .

At least, she wouldn’t get harmed since the key wasn’t in the basement and Jack couldn’t get his hands on it .

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The weather on the island was as unpredictable as a child; in one moment, it was a blue sky with puffy clouds, and in the next moment, winds would howl across the island .

During the night, a storm came .

The ocean was no longer romantic during the night; it roared and howled like wild animals .

Sitting alone in the cottage, Huo Mian couldn’t sleep; gripping the quilt tightly, she felt scared .

When Huo Siqian was with her on this uninhabited island, she wasn’t afraid .

But now that Huo Siqian disappeared and was replaced by the maniac second personality Jack, Huo Mian felt she was in danger and became scared .

She missed Qin Chu and wanted to throw herself into his warm arms; she wanted him to tell her not to be afraid and that he would protect her .

But reality was cruel…

She had never imagined that she would one day live a fearful life with a psycho with a double personality on a deserted island .

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– In South Hill Manor –

After Qin Chu was released from the Army Hospital, his friends came to his house for dinner to celebrate it .

Qin Chu’s parents had gotten up early to prepare for the dinner .

After the accident, Qin Chu had dismissed all the servants except Uncle Li because some of them were Huo Siqian’s spies .

Qin Chu’s parents and Uncle Li went out to buy groceries in the morning and came back to prepare dishes .

Qin Chu took the kids out to the garden to water the flowers .

Then his good friends arrived one by one; except for Ni Yang who had returned to Chen Jie’s mother’s home with her, the others had all arrived .

They included Jiang Xiaowei and Wei Liao; Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling; Tang Chuan and Qin Ning; Rick and Xixi; and Su Yu .

Su Yu was the first to arrive and brought lots of snacks in the trunk of his black Lamborghini .

“Whoa! Handsome Su, I love you so much…” Seeing the snacks, Little Bean ran over and hugged Su Yu warmly .

“Do you love me or the snacks?” Su Yu asked with a chuckle .

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