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Published at 18th of May 2020 01:40:04 AM
Chapter 3097: 3097
Chapter 3097 The Whole World is Looking for Huo Mian 17

Now that her sister-in-law was in trouble, it meant half of her brother’s life was gone…

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Leaning on the window, Qin Chu sighed .

He took out a cigarette, but Qin Ning grabbed it from his fingers before he could put it to his mouth .

“No smoking . Doctor’s order . ”

“Only one . ”

“No . ” Qin Ning was firm .

“I’m a doctor; I know what’s okay,” Qin Chu explained patiently .

“Absolutely not . Big Brother, please stop it, okay? It hurts me to see you like this . ” Tears fell from her eyes .

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“I’m fine, really . I will find Mian; I will . ”

Qin Chu’s voice was soft as if he was trying to comfort Qin Ning and himself .

“Brother, think about your two daughters even though my sister-in-law is not with you . Do you know how miserable Little Bean and Pudding were when you were unconscious? They couldn’t stay in Su Manor . The sisters even argued as Little Bean insisted on going home… They are still young, and their mom is not with them . Big Brother, you must take good care of yourself . ”

“Ning-Ning, do you think…I’m useless?”

“Why do you ask?” Qin Ning was surprised .

“During the long years when I was with Mian, I haven’t brought much happiness to her; instead, she has been hurt again and again . Eight years ago, her father Jing De died in a car crash; later, I was framed by Huo Siqian and she had to take the blame of murder for me; during the four years when I was missing, she had to protect herself and the babies, live with the Su Family during her pregnancy and raise the kids by herself . I find I’ve been so useless… I’ve been a burden to her . ”

“Big Brother, how can you think in this way? You and my sister-in-law love each other deeply . ”

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“But my love looks so fragile… I’ve not been able to help her when she’s in trouble . ”

“Big Brother, it’s not your fault . Even Su Yu can’t help my sister-in-law… That psycho Huo Siqian had been scheming against your family for a long time, and no one could have stopped him . It’s not your fault . ”

Qin Ning found her brother’s mind had changed subtly after waking up .

She had never seen him in such an insecure state because he had always been a proud man with great self-confidence; he could do anything with almost perfection .

But when he found he couldn’t protect Huo Mian, he began to doubt himself .

This wasn’t a good sign…

“Big Brother, you must change your gloomy mentality . We can’t admit defeat because my sister-in-law is still waiting for you to rescue her…” Qin Ning tried to convince Qin Chu .

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“I’m fine . Go back to sleep . I’ll be better after staying here for a while by myself . ” Qin Chu didn’t say much, and his eyes were unreadable as he looked out of the window .

In his palm was a lighter and the symbol on its surface looked creepy, but Qin Ning didn’t understand the meaning of it .

In the cellar on the deserted island, Huo Mian and Jack were still in a standoff .

“Huo Mian, what are you hesitating about? Are you really going to let go of such a good opportunity to escape?”

“There’s nothing on the island currently . I just want to know how you’ll get me off the island?” Huo Mian looked at him quietly .

“That’s simple . Huo Siqian’s men come regularly to deliver provisions, right? I’ll take that opportunity to leave with you… They won’t doubt their boss, and no one will recognize me… After all, few people know of my existence . ” Jack smiled smugly .

“You mean, even if I unlock you now, I’ll stay on the island with you until Huo Siqian’s men arrive; we can’t leave before that, right?”

“Something like that . ” Jack nodded .

“That’s easy . I’ll unlock you on the day when Huo Siqian’s men come . ” Huo Mian knew what to do .

“Huo Mian, what do you mean?” Jack’s face turned dark .

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