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Chapter 3096: 3096
Chapter 3096 The Whole World is Looking for Huo Mian 16

“Anyone there? Come here, nurse!”

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With a wild look, Huo Yanyan scrambled down the bed and shook the iron door with all her strength .

“What’s up?” The nurses looked at her through the bars impatiently .

“I want to see that bastard Shen Mingxi . You get him here now; I want to see my daughter, too . ”

“Who do you think you are? Do you think you can see anyone you want?” The young nurse looked at Huo Yanyan with disdain .

“No nonsense… Hurry and get them here… Or I’ll kill all of you . ” Huo Yanyan seemed to have lost her mind .

She even looked at the young nurse with fury in her eyes .

“You’re indeed mentally diseased . No one wants to see you… Mr . Shen is busy… Did you know that he will get back together with his ex?”

Huo Yanyan’s face turned livid at the words . Read more chapters at Listnovel . com

“By that time, your daughter will be sent to a foster home… After all, Miss Wei can’t live with your daughter . ”

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Huo Yanyan clenched her fists in fury .

“If not for you, Young Master Shen wouldn’t have divorced . Just like your mom, you like to be the homewrecker, right? Unfortunately, unlike your mom who had become legal, you were dumped…”

“Shut up… Scum,” Huo Yanyan pointed at the nurse and cursed .

“It’s no use shouting at me . I just told you the truth . You’re demented and no man will look at you . Young Master Shen is a good man and visits you occasionally because he once loved you . Don’t think he comes because he still loves you… Stupid bit*h . ”

The young nurse was mean to Huo Yanyan because one of her cousins was Wei Ying’s good friend and knew something about these rich and powerful families .

So, she had a bad opinion of Huo Yanyan .

“You won’t end up well if you treat me like this… You just wait…” Huo Yanyan cursed them viciously .

– In the Army Hospital –

Qin Chu could now move around without help and this was his last day in the hospital .

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Qin Ning offered to keep her brother company . In the midnight, only she and Qin Chu were left in the big ward .

Qin Ning fell asleep on the sofa .

Not able to sleep, Qin Chu got up slowly, trying not to wake up Qin Ning .

But the girl was a light sleeper and woke up .

“Big Brother… where are you going?” Qin Ning rubbed her eyes and sat up slowly .

“I’m going to the washroom . ”

“You should have woken me up . I’ll help you . ”

“I can walk by myself now . You don’t have to help me . Go back to sleep . ”

“No . Your wound hasn’t healed yet; we can’t take any risks . ”

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She had stayed here because she was worried that the others couldn’t take good care of him . She wanted to do it herself .

“Ning-Ning, I’m fine . I’m just bored and wanted to get some fresh air,” Qin Chu said .

“Big Brother, are you…feeling sad again?” Qin Ning’s eyes dimmed as she considered Qin Chu’s words .

Qin Chu didn’t speak .

In the four years when he was in the U . S . , he had been sleepless due to his longing for Huo Mian; he would get up in midnight to drink tea and coffee and later had to suppress the pain by taking drugs .

It was constant torture to Qin Chu . No ordinary person could imagine how it felt to be unable to sleep .

During the worst period, Qin Chu had been wide awake for one week; it was pure torture .

He had become so thin that his eyes sank into the sockets… Qin Ning had hurt inside when she saw him like his .

“I’m fine . ”

“Don’t lie to me… I know that my sister-in-law is… your life . ”

Her voice shook when she said the words; then she wept .

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