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Chapter 3095: 3095
Chapter 3095 The Whole World is Looking for Huo Mian 15

“Because she and my mom are enemies…”

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“Who told you that?”

“My mom told me…”

“What did she tell you?” Shen Mingxi suddenly realized that he had paid little attention to Huo Yanyan’s education to Tiantian .

“My mom said that Auntie Wei Ying is a bad person, so she will deal with her . ”

“What else?” Shen Mingxi continued to ask .

“And… she wouldn’t allow Auntie Wei Ying to be with Uncle Shen; she’d torture her…”

Shen Mingxi inhaled deeply as he realized Huo Yanyan had concealed this side from him .

She had been crafty and scheming .

Compared with the crafty Huo Yanyan, Wei Ying was hot-tempered but didn’t play dirty tricks, which made her more forgivable .

Seeing Shen Mingxi’s dark expression, Tiantian put her cheek against Shen Mingxi’s cheek and said in a small voice, “Uncle Shen, I know now that you’re not with my mom, you’ll find another woman . ”

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“But you can have any woman but Auntie Wei Ying . She’s my mom’s enemy and will not be good to me… She’ll get me killed . ”

“Tiantian, this is adult business . You don’t understand . ”

“I don’t care . I just don’t want you to be with Auntie Wei Ying… Wu…”

Then she ran to her room .


“Tiantian, supper is ready…” The housemaid Fang came over with the reheated pork bone soup .

But Tiantian knocked it down .

The soup splashed out and almost scalded the housemaid; she was startled and jumped back .

“Mr . Shen, what’s wrong with Tiantian? She’s acting weird…”

“I was going to ask you what’s wrong with her . Did someone come today?” Shen Mingxi frowned .

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“No…” Fang was confused as well .

At this moment, Shen Mingxi glanced at the newspaper on the desk and saw the headline on the front page was a photo of him and Wei Ying .

It was one of the photos taken by the media before their wedding, and they looked quite intimate together .

But why did they dig out such an old photo?

Shen Mingxi picked up the newspaper and read the headline, “Rumors say Mr . Shen and his Ex-Wife See Each Other Frequently; A Sign of Reunion . ”

Having read the article, he put down the newspapers .

“Who brought it home?”

“Sir, I bought it . When I went to buy groceries, I had a few coins left, so I… bought… some newspapers…”

“Tiantian doesn’t know all the words . Did you tell her?”

“No! No! I didn’t… She might have used some software on her cellphone . I really don’t know anything about it . Sir… I’m sorry… Please don’t fire me . ”

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Fang was new and didn’t know Shen Mingxi’s temperament . She was scared, thinking he would blame her .

“It’s fine . Fang, you go back to your work . I’ll go and check up on the kid . ”

In fact, Shen Mingxi felt tired after working a long day at the company .

Now when he was home, he had to take care of a child…

Today, Wei Ying had gone to his company and chatted with him for a little while; then she left the pork bone soup and was gone .

She said it would be good for his recovery after the car crash .

To tell the truth, Wei Ying had changed into another person, and Shen Mingxi had a new feeling for her .

But Tiantian presented a tricky problem .

On one hand, Tiantian couldn’t accept Wei Ying; on the other hand, Wei Ying might not be able to accept Huo Yanyan’s daughter due to their turbulent past .

In the psychiatric recovery center under the Municipal Public Security Bureau, two young nurses were chatting in the corridor .

“Did you hear that Mr . Shen and his ex will get back together? The news has gone viral in the media…”

“Good . They match each other perfectly in looks and family background . They shouldn’t have divorced in the first place; it was all because of Huo Yanyan, the despicable mistress . ”

Disheveled, Huo Yanyan was sitting on the bed with her back leaning on the wall; when she heard the conversation, her eyes turned sinister and cold…

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