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Chapter 3094: 3094
Chapter 3094 The Whole World is Looking for Huo Mian 14

– In C City –

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When Shen Mingxi walked into his house with a thermal bottle, Tiantian ran toward him, saying, “Uncle Shen, you’re back . ”

“Yeah, have you eaten, Tiantian?”

“No . ”

“Huh? The housemaid I hired didn’t cook supper for you?”

“Yeah, she did . ”

“Why didn’t you eat then? You don’t like what she made?” Shen Mingxi asked .

“It’s not that . ” Tiantian shook her head .

Before he asked, she continued, “I wanted to wait for you and eat it with you . ”

“Didn’t I tell you not to wait for me? I worked late today . ”

“But I have no appetite when you’re not home . ”

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“Okay . Now let’s eat together, okay?”

“Okay . ” Tiantian smiled happily .

“Fang, please reheat this for me . ” Shen Mingxi handed the thermal bottle to Fang, a well-trained housemaid recommended by a home service firm; she was very good at cooking and taking care of children .

As a man, Shen Mingxi found it very inconvenient to take care of Tiantian by himself; besides, he didn’t have enough time and energy to do that .

It was why he hired a housemaid . Read more chapters at Listnovel . com

But it seemed Tiantian didn’t like her; so long as Shen Mingxi was home, she would cling to him .

She even wanted him to watch her when she slept; she felt very insecure .

“Uncle Shen, what’s this? Some delicious food?”

“Yeah . ”

“What’s it?”

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“It’s pork bone soup… It’s delicious . ”

“Whoa . Uncle Shen, where did you buy it?” looking at the thermal bottle in the housemaid’s hand, Tiantian asked .

“A friend gave it to me,” Shen Mingxi said casually .

“Who gave it to you?” Tiantian insisted to get to the bottom of it .

“Um…” Shen Mingxi hesitated, wondering if he should tell her the truth and how she would react to it .

“Did Auntie Wei Ying give it to you?” Tiantian asked .

“How did you know?” Shen Mingxi looked at the kid in surprise .

“Because she cares for you the most… She’s been brownnosing you,” said Tiantian .

Shen Mingxi squatted and pulled her into his arms before explaining to her patiently, “Tiantian, listen to me . Brownnosing is a negative word and not fitting in this conversation . ”

He thought the kid was too young to know the true meaning of the word and had used it by mistake .

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But Tiantian looked at him calmly and said, “I know brownnosing is a bad word . ”

Shen Mingxi was surprised .

“But Auntie Wei Ying is scheming on you, so she’s been brownnosing you . ”

Shen Mingxi: “…”

“Uncle Shen, I don’t like Auntie Wei Ying . Can you not… be friends with her?”

“Tiantian, tell me why you don’t like her . ”

“She’s very mean . She used to yell at Mom and me and bully us… She’s a bad woman . ”

Shen Mingxi suddenly remembered Wei Ying had indeed done many things to hurt Huo Yanyan and her daughter due to her obsession with him .

But it was long, long ago; the current Wei Ying was no longer the previous aggressive and unreasonable woman .

She had completely changed .

“Tiantian, listen to me . Auntie Wei Ying is not what she used to be… She has realized her mistakes . ”

“But she won’t like me, Uncle Shen…”

“Why do you think she won’t like you?” Shen Mingxi found Tiantian’s words tonight quite astonishing .

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