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Chapter 3086: 3086

Chapter 3086 The Whole World is Looking for Huo Mian 6 

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Hearing her dad’s request, Pudding walked up shyly .

Qin Chu pulled her into his arms and kissed her forehead with all the doting love of a father .

“When I was unconscious, you took good care of your sister, right?”

“A little . ” Pudding had always been low-profiled; she never liked to take credit and always kept things inside .

She was like Qin Chu in this respect .

“You and Little Bean didn’t expose your grandpa’s identity when he was here . Your Uncle Rick said you were amazing . You didn’t even tell your Uncle Su Yu and even convinced him to allow your grandpa to perform surgery on me, right?”

“Those were things I was supposed to do, Dad . ”

“You did a very good job . I’m proud of you,” Qin Chu praised Pudding lavishly .

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Hearing his praise, Pudding smiled shyly, looking a bit embarrassed .

“Dad, you must praise me too . I did a very good job keeping the secret . I also learned some awesome medical skills from Grandpa . ”

“You did? You’re awesome, Little Bean . ” Qin Chu smiled at her .

“Dad, when shall we go and find Mom?” Little Bean asked suddenly .

Hearing her words, Qin Chu’s heart sank a little . It was a topic he was reluctant to bring up after he woke up .

“Dad, I miss Mom so much that I dreamt of her . So does my sister . One night, I heard my sister calling Mom in her dream,” said Little Bean pitiably .

Pudding bit on her lip and didn’t deny it . Indeed, she and her sister hadn’t been separated from their mom for so long, not even when they were kidnapped by He Yongjun and Shen Jiani .

This time, Huo Mian had vanished without a trace, which gave a huge blow to the twins .

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“Very soon . After I can move freely, I’ll go and look for your mom . I promise you I will find her . Okay?”

“Okay . I trust you, Dad . You’re the best . ” Little Bean nodded .

“Daddy… Grandpa left instruction for you . ”

“What is it?” Qin Chu looked at Pudding .

“Grandpa said you had relied on a drug before and he had destroyed all of such drugs that he could find at home; he said you should never take it in the future . ”

“Okay . I got it . ” Qin Chu nodded, understanding the professor’s good intentions .

“Grandpa said that you must control your emotions . No matter how sad you feel, you can’t take that drug again because it will damage your health . ”Read more chapters at Listnovel . com

“Okay . ” Qin Chu nodded again and listened to his daughter obediently .

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“Daddy, Little Bean and I can’t lose you and Mom . When you were unconscious, we couldn’t even sleep or eat well,” Pudding said with tears in her eyes .

“Yeah . Dad, you were so heartless that you slept for so long . I was scared and thought you’d never wake up,” Little Bean said frankly .

“Little Bean, that’s nonsense,” Pudding scolded her .

“It’s not nonsense . Really, even Handsome Su said Dad’s condition was bad,” Little Bean retorted .

“When I wasn’t with you, I wasn’t worried because I knew your Uncle Su would take good care of you . ” Qin Chu looked at Little Bean, who was sitting in his lap, and then at Pudding .

“It’s not the same . Dad, Handsome Su is indeed nice but he isn’t our father… We don’t want to live in other people’s homes for the rest of our lives . The Su Manor felt like home but still, it isn’t our home . South Hill Manor is our home, and you and Mom are indispensable family members to us . ”

“Whoa, our Little Bean has improved and can say something so mature . ” Qin Chu smiled in satisfaction .

Little Bean was about to say something more when Gao Ran knocked on the door and walked in .

“Uncle Gao…” the twins greeted him together .

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