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Published at 15th of May 2020 09:45:05 AM
Chapter 3082: 3082

Chapter 3082 At that Moment, I Thought I Was Dead 2

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“For days . ”

Qin Chu: “…”

“I thought you’d ask me which year we’re in,” Rick said with a straight face .

“No . I was in a coma; I didn’t travel through time . ”

“To tell you the truth, we were scared when you were unconscious for so long,” sitting on the chair beside the bed, Rick said slowly .

“Yeah . At that moment, I thought I’d die,” Qin Chu said .

“How are you feeling now? Do you want me to call the doctors?”

“No . I’m feeling okay . I want to talk . ” When Rick rose to get the doctors, Qin Chu waved his hand, gesturing for him to sit down .

“Okay . ”

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“When did you come back?”

“Yesterday . ”

“Did Xixi come back too?”

“Yeah . ”

“How about my daughters?” Thinking of his two precious daughters, Qin Chu felt warm inside .

“They are very well . They stayed with you during the day . In the evening, they got tired and returned to South Hill Manor with your mother . ”

“Have my parents returned?”

“Yeah . So has your uncle . ”

“My uncle is back?” Qin Chu was surprised .

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“Yeah . They were worried about you and thought you’d…” Rick paused .

“They thought I’d never wake up, right?”

“Yeah . After all, your condition was very critical; besides, the drug you took is very powerful . All the doctors in and outside of China were clueless as to what to do . ”

“Who performed the surgery on me?” Qin Chu asked .

“How did you know you had an operation?” Rick was astonished .

After all, Qin Chu had just woken up and wasn’t aware of the situation yet .

“I have stitches here…” Qin Chu pointed at his chest .

“You sure are sensitive to these things, you are indeed a doctor . I was about to tell you that your surgery was done by…”

“The professor came back, right?” Qin Chu asked quietly .

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“How did you guess that?”

“Other than my Mian, no one else has such good medical skills… Lu Yan couldn’t have done it since she only studies bombs . ”

“Yeah . The professor came back . In fact, I was astonished to see him…” Rick nodded .

“I’m not surprised . Mian is his daughter and he wouldn’t stand by and watch . Lu Yan must have come too . ”

“Yeah . I think so . Su Yu doesn’t know Lu Yan, so he didn’t mention her . But my men found that many of Huo Siqian’s lackeys had been killed after you fell unconscious . The Municipal Public Security Bureau couldn’t find the killer, which gave Gao Ran a hard time . But I think Lu Yan did it trying to find information about Huo Mian’s whereabouts . ”

Hearing the mention of Mian, Qin Chu fell silent and lowered his head; beneath his long eyelashes, his eyes were full of sorrow .

“Did the professor leave?”

“Yeah . He left today . Pudding and Little Bean seem to be close to him . When he left, the kids cried, and the professor looked melancholic . ”

“They are related by blood; it’s natural for them to feel close to each other . ”

“Qin Chu, why didn’t you ask about Mian?” Rick couldn’t bear it anymore and asked .

“It’s useless to ask . I’m sure you don’t have any information about her whereabouts . ”

“You even thought about this?” Rick was surprised . Qin Chu was so smart that he had guessed many things with accuracy .

“Since Huo Siqian had planned all this, he won’t let you find him with ease . That’s not his style . ”

“Qin Chu, have you ever considered that Huo Mian might be dead?” Rick asked him slowly .

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