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Chapter 3075: 3075

Chapter 3075 At that Moment, I Thought I Was Dead 5

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Everyone waited outside anxiously .

Qin Chu’s parents, his second uncle, Qin Ning, and Tang Chuan were here .

Zhixin and his mother had come from outside C City .

Jiang Xiaowei and Wei Liao came with their son .

Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling were here with their son .

Ni Yang and his wife had come here quite early .

Rick and Xixi, who had just returned from abroad, were also here .

Standing closest to the door were Su Yu, Mrs . Su, and the twins .

The corridor turned quiet as everyone waited tensely .

In tacit understanding, they were all silent .

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“Sis, Dad will wake up soon, right?” Little Bean suddenly said .

Everyone looked toward the little girl .

“Yes,” Pudding, a girl of few words, replied with only one word .

“Don’t worry . Your dad will be fine soon,” Su Yu touched Little Bean’s head and comforted her .

“Life is so unfair to our Chu and Mian . They are so young but have already suffered so much…” Mrs . Qin leaned her head on her husband’s shoulder and cried .

“Aunt, don’t be said . My brother will be fine . When he wakes up, he’ll find my sister-in-law…” Qin Ning said .

“Yeah . My brother-in-law is a godlike man who can do anything . He will be fine . ”

“I don’t know if the old man can save my son… I hope the surgery is successful . ” Qin Chu’s father looked anxious .

“Uncle Qin, the old gentleman has excellent medical skills . Don’t worry . ”

No one knew about the professor’s identity and it was natural for them to feel worried .

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But Rick knew who he was and tried to reassure them .

“Rick… You know him, right?” standing beside Rick, Gao Ran asked in a low voice .

“The whole thing is complicated and I can’t explain it with a few words . Wait until Qin Chu wakes up, and he will tell you . ”

“Okay . ” Gao Ran nodded and didn’t ask more questions .

“Little Bean, what’s in your hands?” Gao Boyuan walked over and asked Little Bean .

“A cake . I made a strawberry cake for my dad; I’ll give it to him to eat when he wakes up . ”

Little Bean carried the cake carefully; it was obvious that her small body was tense .

Time ticked on .

Two hours later, the professor walked out with the assistants from the hospital .

“How was it?” the people swarmed up, and Su Yu asked anxiously .

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“The surgery is successful . I dissolved the toxin in his body and repaired his liver,” the professor said succinctly .

“Excellent . ”

Su Yu heaved a deep sigh of relief, and everyone was thrilled .

“Can we see him in a little while?” Gao Ran was excited .

“It will depend on how fast he recovers . He’ll wake up maybe in a few hours or a couple of days…”

“So long?” Qin Chu’s parents were a bit disappointed .

“Now that the toxin is dissolved and the surgery is finished, he will wake up eventually, in no more than three days . Don’t worry . ” The professor gave them a time frame .

“I want to go in and accompany my dad . ”

Before anyone could stop her, Little Bean dashed into the room with the cake in her hands .

“Come back, Little Bean…” Anxious, Pudding ran into the room after her sister .

“Let them in . I’m sure they are impatient to see their dad . But you can’t enter the room in a large group . You’d better go in in small groups, so he won’t be disturbed . ”

“Okay . ” Su Yu nodded .

Rick walked up and handed a white handkerchief to the professor .

“Thank you . ”

“Don’t thank me . It’s my own business . ” The professor smiled genially .

Hearing his words, Su Yu looked back at the professor curiously .

“When are you leaving? I’ll have someone drive you to the airport,” Rick continued .

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