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Chapter 3071: 3071

Chapter 3071 At that Moment, I Thought I Was Dead 1

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Huo Mian didn’t answer as she walked over with a cold face .

“My men delivered us lots of meat, including a seasoned goat leg . I thought you’d like it . ”

“Huo Siqian, do you really want to stay here for the rest of your life?”

“Why not?” Huo Siqian asked .

“You’ll just give up the Huo Corporation you had worked so hard for? You’ll give up all the assets and the business empire you’ve built and become a fisherman here?”

Huo Mian tried to goad him with words .

“All my life, I’ve always known that money will come and go… I’ve never been obsessed with money or power . When I was mistreated in my childhood, I only thought I’d protect myself from others when I grew up . ”

“Well, well . Listen to your own hypocrisy… Have you forgotten how many people you’ve killed?” Huo Mian smiled mockingly .

“I’ve never killed for fun or boredom . They all died for a reason . Some of them worked against me; some against you . For example, that b*tch Song Yishi did so many evil things to you; don’t you think she deserved to die?”

Even now, Huo Siqian didn’t think it was wrong to kill those people; instead, he thought he was doing what Heaven wanted him to do .

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“Okay . You’re a madman, and I can’t reason with you…”

Huo Mian turned around and walked toward the beach .

“Mian, the goat leg is ready . Sit down and eat . ”

“You eat it,” Huo Mian said bluntly .

Facing Huo Siqian, Huo Mian lost her appetite for even the most delicious food .

She wanted to go home . She missed Qin Chu, the twins, her mother, Zhixin, Su Yu, Lingling, and Xiaowei .

She missed all her friends in C City and especially she missed Yan and her biological father whom she hadn’t had time to have a good look at yet .

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She didn’t know how long Huo Siqian would imprison her in this place .

If not for the unborn baby, she would have had fallen apart long ago .

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– In South Hill Manor –


The doorbell rang .

Little Bean ran to open the door and froze when she saw the people standing at the door .

“Whoa… Uncle Rick!”

“Good . You still remember me . ”

“Of course . You’re so handsome, the most handsome man after my dad and Su Yu . ”

“Little Bean, are you a face-judger?” Xixi chuckled .

“Auntie Xixi, you’re back, too?”

“Yeah . ”

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“Come on in… My sister will be happy to see you . ”

Little Bean turned her head and yelled, “Qin Zhaozhao, look who’s here!”

Pudding put down her tablet and stood up .

“Hello, Uncle Rick; Aunt Xixi . ” Pudding was also surprised but not as excited as Little Bean .

“We brought you some small presents that we’ve bought in Disneyland . I suppose you like these?” Xixi handed the toys to the sisters .

“Thank you, Aunt Xixi . ”

“Who’s here? You two sound so happy . ” The professor walked down from the second floor .

Seeing Rick, he was a little surprised . Rick nodded at the professor who nodded in return .

“Pudding, Little Bean, would you show me your back garden? I heard you have Bulgarian roses . Roses are my favorite flowers . ”

“No problem . I’ll show them to you . ” Little Bean led the way .

After Xixi took the twins out of the house with this excuse, Rick and the professor were left standing in the living room .

When the kids were gone, Rick spoke, “Professor, I’m surprised that you’ve come in person . ”

“Fellow… You know me?” Professor Lu narrowed his eyes .

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