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Published at 11th of May 2020 09:40:05 PM
Chapter 3068: 3068

Chapter 3068 She’s Not As Strong As You All Think 8

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Rick and Xixi went straight to the Army Hospital to visit Qin Chu as soon as they got off the plane .

When Su Yu got the news, he rushed over .

When Su Yu arrived, Rick had already been in Qin Chu’s patient room for some time .

Rick might have been in a bad mood so he wanted to be with Qin Chu alone, and Xixi and Rick’s bodyguards were outside .

Xixi sat down with two foreign bodyguards behind her .

“President Su . ” Xixi stood up when she saw Su Yu .

“Where’s Rick?”

“He’s inside . ”

“When did you guys arrived?”

“Half an hour ago . The trip was fast with the plane…” Xixi said .

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“Okay . I’m going to go in . Have a seat first . ”

“Okay . ” Xixi nodded .

Then, Su Yu pushed open the patient room door . He saw Rick sitting beside Qin Chu’s bedside .

Su Yu knew Rick and Qin Chu were close so he knew how blue he felt .

When Rick saw Su Yu come in, he stood up and nodded to greet him .

“I heard you’ve found someone to operate on him . ”

“Yeah, a mysterious old man,” Su Yu said honestly .

“A mysterious old man?” Rick asked confusedly .

“Pudding seems to acknowledge and praise him highly . He’s a very secretive man . I can’t find any information on him but based on my instincts, he’s not a bad guy . I think he can help Qin Chu wake up . ”

“Do you have a picture of him?” Rick asked .

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“Yeah . ” Su Yu took out his phone and showed him the picture he took of the old man a while ago . He investigated the Professor but found nothing .

When Rick saw the picture on Su Yu’s phone, the look of his eyes changed .

“Do you know him?” Su Yu saw the nuance in Rick’s expression so he asked .

“His identity is rather unique . Since he doesn’t want you to know who it is, it’s better that you don’t know . ”

Su Yu: “…”

Su Yu was rather annoyed about why everyone was acting so mysterious .

“But what I can tell you for sure is that he can save Qin Chu . ”

“Even you say so… Now I’m more curious who he is . It looks like you and Pudding both know who he is but I don’t…” Su Yu chuckled .

“Wait till Huo Mian comes back and she can explain to you in person . There’s a lot involved in this complicated situation . ”

“This old man has something to do with Mian?” Su Yu was surprised .

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Rick did not respond . Instead, he walked closer to Qin Chu and pulled up his blanket .

“I’ll stay here for a few days . When Qin Chu wakes up, you can reach me at any time . I’m at the Kempinski Hotel . ”

“Okay . ” Su Yu nodded .

Then, Rick opened the door and walked out .

Su Yu had not seen Rick in the last few years but he was still as cool as always . He was like the world’s strongest and coolest person to Su Yu .

But, Su Yu actually knew Rick’s personality well .

“It’s done?” Xixi stood up .

“Yeah . ”

“How’s President Qin?”

“So-so…” Rick said .

“Rick, I . . I want to visit my family…”

“I’ll take you there . ” Rick gently held onto Xixi’s hand .

“No, I mean can you come to eat with my family and me?” Xixi asked cautiously .

Rick was surprised since he did not expect that request .

“Of course, if you don’t want to go, I won’t force you . I know you don’t care about these stupid things but my family is rather simple . I just have my parents and my sister . My sister took the day off and is waiting for me at home . She told me that my mom made my favorite sweet-and-sour fish for me…” Xixi kept on talking, trying to hide the embarrassment and disappointment that hit her when Rick rejected her request .

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