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Chapter 3063: 3063

Chapter 3063 She’s Not As Strong As You All Think 3 

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“Qin Ning, don’t think that because my son likes you, you can do whatever you want . ”

“Sorry, Auntie, but I’ve never done whatever I wanted . Can you please not put random labels on me?”

“Ma’am, let’s talk about that thing…” the female butler reminded Mrs . Tang from behind .

Mrs . Tang felt an uncomfortable sensation in her chest and she couldn’t breathe smoothly .

She had been in the Tang Family for tens of years but Qin Ning was the strongest opponent she had faced .

“Fine . I don’t have time to deal with every little thing with you . Let me ask you this: how many months pregnant are you?”

“What the…” Qin Ning didn’t know what was happening .

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“What did she say?” Mrs . Tang didn’t seem to hear what Qin Ning said clearly .

“She seems very surprised, ma’am,” the female butler explained .

“You don’t need to be surprised . You can’t keep something so huge a secret . I can investigate anything in this city relatively easily… Even though I don’t like you nor do I view you as my son’s fiancée, you’re pregnant now . You can’t just choose to have an abortion . What a pity would it be if it were a son . It’s my grandchild too… Chuan’s not that young anymore . If it were a son, his father and I would both be very happy . You shouldn’t have an abortion . Let’s wait till you’re four months pregnant and get a scan to see the gender . If it’s a son, then give birth to him… We won’t treat you poorly…”

Qin Ning opened her mouth widely, so wide that she could fit an egg inside, after listening to Mrs . Tang .

“You don’t need to look so surprised . I am a woman of her words . If you do give birth to a son, then I will treat you well . ”

“Auntie, you’re very funny . ”

Mrs . Tang: “…”

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“Have you watched too much Korean drama or something? Do you believe in those cliche stories?”

Mrs . Tang: “…”

“Miss Qin, our master sincerely came to you to chat . She doesn’t like you but if you were pregnant with our young master’s child, she can forgive you . ”

“What the hell? Who told you I’m pregnant?” Qin Ning said agitatedly .

“So you and Chuan going to the gynecologist weren’t to have an abortion?”

Mrs . Tang recalled her friend telling her that she saw Qin Ning and Tang Chuan at the hospital .

“What the hell? Who told you that going to the hospital means having an abortion?”

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“But you went to the gynecologist…” the female butler said .

“My period came and it hurt, okay?”

Mrs . Tang and the female butler were both shocked by this response .

“Auntie, can you please do your homework before coming to bother me? You’re scaring me… I don’t know what the hell was going on . Also, you should ask your son to see if he’s allowed to touch me yet? Did I get pregnant from mother nature or is your grandchild going to be like the Monkey King and be born from a rock…”

Mrs . Tang: “…”

“If you came for that, then you should head home earlier . It’s rather hot outside… Next time, you should just call me . Oh yeah, if I were pregnant, you’d be the first to know . I probably won’t have an abortion . Also, my family is rich and can nurture the baby well . My father is worried that no one would inherit our family business so even if I were pregnant, regardless of gender, we won’t ‘trouble’ you with anything, ha . ”

After being retorted by Qin Ning, Mrs . Tang felt awkward and angry .

“It’s getting late . I’m going to get my afternoon nap . The doctor told me I need sufficient sleep . I won’t walk you out so help yourself . ”

Then, Qin Ning walked upstairs .

Mrs . Tang was so angry that she couldn’t breathe normally .

“Ma’am, I recorded what she just said . Should we show it to the young master and reveal her true identity?” the female butler asked quietly .

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