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Chapter 3062: 3062

Chapter 3062 She’s Not As Strong As You All Think 2 

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“Yes, Ma’am . ”

After taking Qin Ning to see the doctor, Tang Chuan drove her home before going to work .

When Qin Ning returned home, she was tired so she took a shower and was about to head to bed .

Just then, she heard someone continuously press the doorbell .

She was in her sleeping robe and had her hair down . When she opened the door, she was surprised by the sight .

“Let’s talk . ”

Mrs . Tang was a strong character . As soon as she got into the house, she demanded to talk to Qin Ning . Qin Ning was very confused about what was happening .

“Um… were you looking for me?”

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“Of course . ”

“Okay . ”

“How long have you moved in?” Mrs . Tang looked at Qin Ning and asked .

“Less than half a month,” Qin Ning responded after some thought .

“Are all rich girls nowadays so open?”

“What do you mean?” Qin Ning had received a Western-style education and did not know how to react to Mrs . Tang’s mean words .

“Ms . Qin, you’re from a good family that has plenty of resources . How can you do such a thing?”

“Huh? What did I do?” Qin Ning was very confused .

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“You and my son are dating but have not gotten married yet . You also didn’t come to meet the elders of our family but already moved in with him . Do you think that is appropriate? I know you grew up in the States and your mother died when you were young so no one taught you these manners . ”

“Wait, Auntie . You can’t mix these two things together . My mother did pass away a long time ago so you don’t need to bring her up . I did grow up in the States . Whether I’m open or not has nothing to do with that or my mother . Why don’t you just say that I’m not mannered . ”

“I didn’t say that… If you think that of yourself, I can’t do anything about it . ”

“So are you picking a fight with me today?” Qin Ning said angrily at Tang Chuan’s mother .

“Picking a fight? No . I don’t have time for that . ”

“Then can you get to the point . I want my nap,” Qin Ning said after looking at the time on her phone .

“You sure are impolite . I don’t understand why my son likes you…”

Mrs . Tang had always been a strong character so rarely did anyone dare to speak to her like that .

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Those rich girls that wanted to marry into the Tang Family would always be very polite with Mrs . Tang . They mostly say things that complimented Mrs . Tang but Qin Ning was very direct . This made Mrs . Tang angry .

“Your son has an unique taste . He likes how impolite I am,” Qin Ning said .


“Ma’am, please calm down . We’re here for important matters,” the female butler behind her reminded .

Only then did Mrs . Tang try to suppress her anger . She put her LV bag on the coffee table abruptly .

Then she sat down on the sofa, looked at Qin Ning, and demanded, “I’m thirsty . Pour me a cup of water . ”

“Sorry but I don’t drink tea . There’s cold beer in the fridge . Do you want one?”

“What? Cold beer?” Mrs . Tang said with astonishment .

“Yeah . Tang Chuan and I love eating snacks and drinking beer so we only have beer at home . If you want tea or water, there’s a tea shop on the left of the main entrance of the neighborhood . ”

“This is my son’s mansion . Why are you like the female master here now? That’s so strange . ”

“That’s because your son begged me to move in . If I didn’t move in, he’d cry,” Qin Ning deliberately said .

Mrs . Tang’s face darkened when she heard these words .

Even the female butler wanted to cry… she knew that her master was about to go berserk . She did not understand why her young master would find such a pungent girlfriend .

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