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Chapter 3061: 3061

Chapter 3061 She’s Not As Strong As You All Think 1 

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“Of course . Do you think I’m like those average doctors you have in your country?” the Professor said proudly .

“Oh, you’re so cocky . ”

“Handsome Su, you can’t talk to… him like that . ” It was a rare sight that Little Bean would lecture Su Yu .

“Little Bean, are you stupid? How can you treat outsiders better than me?” Su Yu rubbed Little Bean’s cheeks .

“I mean it . He’s older than you . You can’t be so impolite . ”

“Okay, okay… you little rascal…” Su Yu chuckled .

“Doctor, how’s my brother? When can you do the surgery?” Qin Ning asked .

“I can do it tomorrow morning . ”

Everyone was relieved to hear the Professor say that .

The Professor brought the twins back to South Hill Manor after leaving the hospital .

On their way back home, Zhixin video-called them .

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“Hello, Uncle Zhixin . ”

“Hello, Pudding . ”

“I’m Little Bean, stupid . ”

Zhixin: “…”

“Uncle, how was your business trip?” Pudding leaned over and asked .

“Yeah . Everything’s going very smoothly . How’s your dad doing?”

“He’s having his surgery tomorrow morning . Don’t worry, Uncle . ”

“Okay . I’ll go visit him at the hospital when I get back . ”

“Okay . Oh, Uncle, how’s Grandma doing?”

“She’s not in a good mood . I’ve asked Bella to take care of her . ”

“Alright, since she’s your future wife, there’s nothing wrong with taking care of her future mother-in-law,” Little Bean said .

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Zhixin: “…”

“Uncle, you have to be careful out there . Come home soon,” Pudding said .

“Yup . I miss both of you . I’ll bring some presents back . ”

“Thank you, Uncle . ”

Then, Little Bean hung up .

“Sis, did you notice that?” Little Bean said mysteriously .

“Notice what?”

“That Uncle Zhixin sometimes is a bit dumb?” Little Bean whispered .

Pudding: “…”

“I was curious why Uncle Zhixin could be so dumb even though Mommy is so smart… He’s really slow to react . ”

Pudding: “He’s alright . He’s not that dumb . Not dumb enough to be unsavable . ”

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“Haha, Sis, you’re pure evil,” Little Bean laughed hysterically .

“But you’re not wrong . Uncle isn’t as smart as Mommy but Auntie is smart . That’s why Auntie and Mommy are both Grandpa’s children…” Pudding analyzed .

“You two little rascals sure are mean,” the Professor said . He was astonished by the twins’ conversation .

Qin Ning’s period came after they left the hospital . Her stomach was aching a bit .

Tang Chuan noticed that she didn’t look that well so he took her to the gynecologist department, and the doctor gave her some Chinese herbal medicine .

This scene, however, was witnessed by one of Tang Chuan’s mother’s friends .

When the news got to Tang Chuan’s mother, the tone was completely changed .

“Mrs . Tang, let me tell you something . I really saw your son take a girl to the gynecologist . Maybe they’re getting an abortion . ”

“Abortion?” Mrs . Tang frowned .

“Yeah . Youngsters nowadays don’t care about these things now . They are hedonistic… My son got three girls pregnant last year… Two of them took the money and did an abortion but one wouldn’t do it . Only when we gave her one million yuan did she do the abortion . It was pure blackmail . ”

Mrs . Tang silently listened but her face was more serious now…

“Chuan treated that girl nicely though… He held onto her all the way…”

Mrs . Tang couldn’t sit tight anymore . She stood up and walked away .

“Ma’am . ”

“Get the car ready . I’m going to that girl…” Mrs . Tang said solemnly .

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