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Published at 11th of May 2020 03:05:10 AM
Chapter 3060: 3060

Chapter 3060 You Don“t Understand My Pain 10

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“We’ll see . ”

Qin Ning’s response was vague . She didn’t say she was going to leave or stay .

“Ah, if Qin Ning’s going back, someone’s going to be sad…” Su Yu teased .

“Psh . Bullsh*t . Who said I was going to be sad . ” Tang Chuan wouldn’t admit it .

“You can pretend all you want…” Pudding looked at Tang Chuan with slight disdain .

“It’s true . I’m not pretending . I’m not going to be sad . If she’s going back, I’ll go with her…” Tang Chuan chuckled .

Su Yu: “…”

Pudding: “…”

“Look at how useless you are…” Qin Ning blushed .

“What’s the point of being useful if I don’t get to be with my wife . ”

Nie Lingxuan didn’t join the conversation because she wasn’t close with Qin Ning and Tang Chuan, so she quietly ate her lunch .

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After lunch, Pudding asked, “Handsome Su, you can drive Auntie Nie back to the office first . ”

“What about you?”

“I’ll go visit Daddy with Uncle Tang and Auntie . ”

“Okay . I’ll go join you guys at the hospital later,” Su Yu said .

After the group separated, Nie Lingxuan went onto Su Yu’s Lamborghini .

“You didn’t seem to enjoy your meal…” Su Yu said .

“No, it’s not that . I just don’t eat that much . ”

“Tang Chuan’s like that . He’s very direct but he’s been my best friend for years… He just talks nonsense most of the time . ”

“I can tell you guys are really close . ”

Su Yu smiled and continued driving .

“President Su, you treat Pudding so well,” Nie Lingxuan said with slight jealousy .

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“I’m that good to Little Bean too . ”

“Haha, you’re so humorous . ” Su Yu made Nie Lingxuan laugh .

“Yeah . I watched the twins grow up so I treat them like my own daughters . ”

“From the looks of it, you really like Doctor Huo…” Nie Lingxuan said in a low voice .

“Yeah, I really like her,” Su Yu said directly . He never hid his feelings towards Huo Mian . He would always admit it .

“Doctor Huo really is a great person . I think she deserves your love for her…” Nie Lingxuan said .

“Is your sister arriving in the afternoon?” Su Yu changed the topic .

“Yeah . I think so . ”

“Okay, we’re here . You can go back to the office first . I’m going to head to the hospital . ”

Su Yu slowly parked his car in from of his office .

“Thank you, President Su . ”

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“You’re welcome . See ya . ”

Nie Lingxuan stepped out of the car and Su Yu drove away .

This was seen by a female actress colleague of theirs .

“Miss Nie, did President Su drive you back?”

“Yeah . ”

“Did you guys go out on a date?” the female actress asked .

“No, it was just an ordinary lunch . ”

“Wow, President Su rarely has lunch with any of us… What’s happening? Only Jian Tong got that treatment . Is there something between you and our boss?”

“No, President Su and I are just colleagues . He’s my boss and I’m his subordinate . ”

“Haha, you’re blushing…”

“I’m not lying . Don’t spread rumors . I don’t want to bring trouble to President Su . ”

“Okay, I know . But let’s be real, President Su hasn’t had a girlfriend for a long time . You have a chance if you try… You’re famous, pretty, and also low-key . Maybe there’s a chance between you and President Su…”

“It’s alright . I’m not going to daydream . President Su won’t fall for me . ”

Nie Lingxuan knew herself well and Xixi had warned her many times before .

Su Yu’s love towards Huo Mian was too stubborn and deep…

– In the hospital’s hallway –

“How is it? Did you make the antidote yet, old man?” Su Yu still didn’t like to call the professor politely but preferred calling him “old man” .

However, the Professor didn’t get mad; he seemed to like Su Yu .

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