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Published at 9th of May 2020 05:10:05 AM
Chapter 3056: 3056

Chapter 3056 You Don“t Understand My Pain 6

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“No . ”

“Hurry up and leave . ”

“No, I won’t leave without you…” Qiao Fei was as stubborn as Lu Yan .

“If you don’t go, we’d both die here,” Lu Yan said as she looked at him in amusement and anger .

“Then we’ll die here together . ”

“Damn you… I haven’t lived long enough yet so I’m not going to die here…” Lu Yan shouted .

“Yan, we’ve known each other for many years now . You should know that I won’t leave you here…” Qiao Fei’s heart ached as he held onto Lu Yan, as she was in such a destitute state .

“I know . I know you treat me well, I know that well…”

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“So don’t force me to leave you alone…”

“No . Leaving me here for now is the most logical and wise choice… You can still move around freely without anyone following you . Once you find my subordinates, you can come back and rescue me from this deserted place…”

“No, it’s not safe for you to be alone here . ”

“I’ll be fine . You know that Ian doesn’t want to kill me but rather wants to capture me . This is a hidden location so he probably won’t find me . That means that even if he does find me, he might not be able to capture me . Who do you think I am? I am the great Lu Yan,” Lu Yan said as she put her hand on top of Qiao Fei’s .


“Qiao Fei . I want to live . I know you want me to live more than I want to live . Don’t worry, I’m fine . You’re not really abandoning me . It’s just that we have no other choice…”

“I will take you with me…”

“I’ll be pinpointed as soon as I walk out if I go out like this . Then, we’re both doomed,” Lu Yan analyzed calmly .

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“Does your watch send out signals here?” Qiao Fei still didn’t want to leave without her .

“Dummy, if it let out signals and Ian’s people found out, then we’re basically inviting them to come and find us . When you go out, send the signal to my subordinates . Even if Ian’s people find out, they won’t capture you because they don’t know who you are . ”

Qiao Fei was silent after listening to Lu Yan’s words . He knew that Lu Yan was right but he couldn’t do as she said .

“Psycho Qiao, only you can save me now…” Lu Yan looked at him with puppy eyes .

Qiao Fei caringly hugged Lu Yan . He gently put his face on top of hers .

“Then you have to wait for me to come back . Be safe . ”

“Of course . ”

“If you let anything bad happen to yourself, I will never forgive you . ”

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“Yes, Sir!” Lu Yan said playfully .

After some further hesitation, Qiao Fei reached out to take the watch from Lu Yan .

Qiao Fei left two guns for Lu Yan . “Take them to protect yourself . ”

“Okay . ”

“If there are too many people against you, don’t go head to head… Worst case is being captured by Ian . As long as you live, I’ll contact the Professor and we’ll find a way to save you . ”

“Don’t worry . I won’t let him capture me so easily . ” Lu Yan smiled .

“Take care of yourself . I’ll be back as soon as possible . ”

“Okay . I will listen to you . ”

Qiao Fei stood up and walked out quickly without even looking back . He knew that if he looked back, he wouldn’t be able to leave .

If they both were stuck there, there would be no way of survival .

Ian and a lot of his men chased them closely this time . They had a lot of heavy weapons with them as they wanted to capture Lu Yan no matter what .

In some hotel suite, a subordinate gleefully reported the news to Ian, “Boss, we found out where Lu Yan is . ”

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