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Chapter 3054: 3054

Chapter 3054 You Don“t Understand My Pain 4 

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Feeling fatigued, Su Yu stood up and opened the door reluctantly .

When the door opened, as he had expected, he found Tang Chuan standing there; after all, no one but he would come to Su Yu’s house in the middle of the night .

“Why don’t you stay home and sleep? Did Qin Ning kick you out?” Su Yu gave him a dirty look and asked .

“Nonsense . My Ning is so gentle and would never kick me out . I know you’re feeling low and came to keep you company . ”

“Get out . I don’t need your company . ”

“As I expected, you’re drinking alone . Look what I brought…”

Tang Chuan walked in with a bag containing some food for drinking, such as chicken feet, peanuts, canned fish and sausages, etc .

“I have no appetite . ”

Su Yu sat down on the sofa and leaned back .

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“I know you’ve not been yourself ever since my sister-in-law disappeared . ”

“Your sister-in-law? You’re so shameless . Did you marry Qin Ning? How can you call Huo Mian sister-in-law?”

For some reason, Su Yu felt weird when Tang Chuan called Huo Mian sister-in-law .

“Haha! You’re even jealous of me . Are you reaching your menopause? No, maybe you’re in the middle of your menstruation? It’s more horrible on men than on women . ”

“Get out . ”

Tang Chuan liked to bicker with Su Yu, but he had indeed lightened Su Yu’s mood .

At this moment, the doorbell rang again .

As Su Yu was wondering who else had come, Tang Chuan jumped up and opened the door .

Wei Liao walked in with a case of beer .

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“Old Wei, why are you here?” Su Yu was puzzled .

“This fellow said we’ll drink with you tonight until we get drunk,” Wei Liao said .

“Damn it . You sound as if I got dumped…” Su Yu smiled in exasperation .

“But you look worse than being dumped . Young Master Su, how long has it been since you went to your company? Ever since Qin Chu and Huo Mian were in trouble, you’ve been in a bad shape,” said Wei Liao earnestly .

“Well… I just didn’t expect things would become like this . ”

“Where are the twins? Are they still in your home?” Tang Chuan asked .

“We’ll talk about it later…”

“Ning-Ning’s father will return tomorrow . Qin Chu’s parents have also learned about what had happened . Ever since the accident, Ning-Ning has cried each day, and I myself have felt low as well… So, tonight, let’s just get drunk,” Tang Chuan said .

“Okay . ” Su Yu nodded .

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“By the way, Old Wei, how is Xiaowei doing?” Tang Chuan turned to look at Wei Liao and asked .

“The same . She feels low, and my son and I try our best to stay out of her way . ” Wei Liao sighed .

“It’s nothing unusual . After all, Xiaowei and Mian are close friends… As such a big thing happened… Well, let’s not talk about it and start drinking . ”

The three men began drinking beer in Su Yu’s house .

Su Yu hadn’t indulged himself like this for a long time .

They were not satisfied after the case of beer was gone . At Tang Chuan’s urging, Su Yu took out a bottle of 85′ Lafite .

At last, Tang Chuan, who had started the whole drinking spree, cried like a baby and then danced drunkenly before falling asleep on the sofa .

Sitting on the bench beside the swimming pool, Wei Liao and Su Yu were drenched in alcohol fumes .

Leaning back, they each took out a cigarette .

Su Yu lit the cigarette for Wei Liao with a lighter; then they looked up at the starry night in silence .

After a long while, Wei Liao was the first to break the silence .

“Mr . Su, for a long time, I’ve been wanting to ask you… do you feel exhausted to love Huo Mian in this way?” Wei Liao said slowly .

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