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Chapter 3052: 3052

Chapter 3052 You Don“t Understand My Pain 2

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“He did…” Little Bean .

Su Yu immediately seemed alarmed .

“He made cake and steak for us even though it’s nighttime . He mistreated us by making us fat,” Little Bean said in great enjoyment .

Su Yu: “…”

“Handsome Su, don’t listen to her . He didn’t mistreat us; in contrast, he’s been kind to us and made us supper . He’s super nice,” Pudding added .

“That’s good . I can stop worrying now . ”

Su Yu felt maybe he had overreacted and was relieved that the kids were fine .

“Go to bed and don’t stay up late . ”

“Got it . Same to you . ”

“Okay . Good girl . I’ve got to go now . ”

After he ended the call, Little Bean finished her meal and walked to stand beside the professor .

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“Little Bean, don’t touch any of these things; they are poisonous . ”

“Grandpa, what are you doing with the poisonous stuff?”

“Because I’m making the antidote for your dad . ”

“Whoa! Grandpa, are you a doctor?” Little Bean looked at him in admiration .

“Doctor? You can say so…” The professor smiled genially .

“What about Auntie? Is she also a doctor?” Little Bean continued to ask .

“Your Auntie? You can call her a scientist . ”

“So grand? What does she study?”

“Everything . ”

The professor was too embarrassed to tell the kid that Lu Yan had been a fan of bombs ever since she was born .

“Grandpa, which is more poisonous, this purple one or the pink one?”

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Little Bean looked at the colorful liquids on the table with great interest .

“Little Bean, do you want to learn?”

“Can I?” Little Bean asked, immediately delighted .

“Of course . If you like, I can teach you . When you grow up, you can be a doctor just like your mom . ”

“Really? You’re not kidding me?”

“Haha! Of course not . ”Read more chapters at Listnovel . com

“Okay . Then I’ll learn it . Grandpa, you must teach me well . When I finish, I’ll finally surpass my sister in one area . They won’t say my sister is better than me . ”

“So this is the reason you want to learn, little girl…” The professor touched her head dotingly .

After finishing her noodles, Pudding brought the dirty plates she and her sister had used to the kitchen and washed them .

Since she couldn’t reach the sink yet, she moved a small stool over and stood on it .

She washed the plates cautiously .

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Meanwhile, her sister sat in the professor’s lap in the living room and learned the different medicines .

They didn’t feel unfamiliar with the professor even though they had just met him .

After all, they were related by blood .

The twins had felt a natural closeness the moment they saw him .

Su Yu’s men closely monitored the situation in the house and transferred the images to him constantly .

Su Yu was less worried when he saw them .

After the twins left, he didn’t have to live in his mother’s house . After eating some of the wontons his mother made, he got up, ready to leave .

“Yu, aren’t you going to stay here tonight?” Mrs . Su looked at her son, reluctant to see him go .

“Yeah . I’ll go back to my place since I have to get up early tomorrow . Mom, you should sleep early too . ”

“Okay . Drive safe . ”

Nodding, he drove out of the Su Family Mansion .

Returning to his own house, Su Yu was about to change shoes when he received a message on WeChat .

“President Su, are you still up?”

“What’s up?” Feeling fatigued, Su Yu replied Nie Lingxuan .

“I’ve something to tell you; maybe you will find it useful . ”

“Go ahead . ”

After changing shoes, Su Yu walked to the fridge, took out a can of cold beer, went to the sofa, and began to drink it .

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