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Published at 8th of May 2020 04:35:06 AM
Chapter 3050: 3050

Chapter 3050 There“s Only You and Me Here 10

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“No . I’m not tired…”

“But you’re crying, Grandpa,” Little Bean pointed at the old man’s eyes and said .

“I was just thinking that… if your mommy was here, we’d be so happy as a family . ” The professor let out a deep sigh .

“Grandpa, when Daddy wakes up, he’ll find Mom . I’m sure he will . Please don’t cry . ”

Seeing the sadness on her grandpa’s face, Little Bean tried to comfort him .

“You’re right . I’ll go and make the antidote to wake up your dad . ”

He took out a toolbox he had brought with him, put it on the table in the living room, and began to work .

“Sis…” Little Bean leaned over to Pudding .

“Are you going to eat my steak?” Pudding glanced at Little Bean mildly .

“Humph . Do you think I’m so shallow? I wanted to ask you if you think Grandpa looks indeed like Mom . ”

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“Of course . I told you he’s Mom’s father . Of course, they look alike . ” Pudding lowered her head and continued with her steak .

“When I went to Grandma’s home, Grandma showed me the picture of the Grandpa who had passed away . He didn’t look a bit like Mom; he looked quite a lot like Uncle Zhixin,” Little Bean said in a low voice .

“So?” Pudding asked mildly .

“So, I made a conclusion,” Little Bean lowered her voice and said .

“What conclusion?”

“Uncle Zhixin and Mom don’t share a father . According to my analysis, Mom might have been adopted by the grandpa who had passed away…”

“Can you tell me something I don’t know?”

“Humph, I discovered these important clues,” Little Bean patted her little chest and said proudly .

“They are not your discoveries; they are facts . ”

“If you can, tell me something I don’t know . ” Little Bean challenged her sister .

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“Don’t you think Auntie looks a bit like Mom, too?” Pudding said .

“Huh… Now that you say it, I think you’re right . Mom isn’t as good looking as Auntie, but in some places, such as the way they move their eyes, they are indeed similar . ”

Hearing her sister’s words, Little Bean got even more excited .



“Is the steak good?” Little Bean licked her lips . Read more chapters at Listnovel . com

“So your real target was indeed my steak, right? Qin Mumu?” Pudding lifted her head in disgust .

“Hehe, don’t think of me that way . Anyway, you want to lose weight and keep your figure . Give me some since you can’t eat all of it . ”

“You’ve eaten the Tiramisu which has lots of calories . Now you still want to eat steak?” Pudding scolded her .

“Um . I’m still hungry . ”

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“You can eat the noodles . ” Pudding rolled her eyes .

“But the noodles are not as delicious as steak,” Little Bean said as if it was a good reason .

Pudding laughed in exasperation .

She cut a chunk of the steak carefully and forked it to Little Bean’s lips . “Here . ”

“Thanks, Sis . ”

“Ass kisser . ” Pudding turned her head back to her meal .

At this moment, her cellphone rang .

Pudding put down her fork, picked up the cellphone, and answered the video chat .

“Handsome Su…”

“What are you doing?” Su Yu asked .

“We’re eating . The old guy cooked us a grand supper,” Pudding said .

“Handsome Su, look, he can even make Tiramisu . It’s superb…” Little Bean lifted her cake and showed it off .

Su Yu had a weird feeling inside .

“You two are so close to a stranger and have forgotten your Uncle Su, right?”

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