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Published at 7th of May 2020 11:30:06 AM
Chapter 3047: 3047

Chapter 3047 There“s Only You and Me Here 7

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“But I’m tired…”

Obviously, Lu Yan was exhausted .

“I know . But you must hold on, okay?”

“Psycho Qiao, do you love me?”

“I love you! Love you! Love you!” In agony, Qiao Fei blurted out his love .

“Then will you marry me?”

“I’ll marry you,” Qiao Fei said firmly .

“I want lots of children . Maybe, like my sister, I’ll have twins…”

“Okay . We can have as many children as you want . ”

“Where shall we marry? Bali? The Maldives? Tahiti? Fiji? Or Las Vegas?” Lu Yan began to plan their beautiful future .

“You can choose any place you like . I’ll be happy anywhere as long as I’m with you . ”

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Comforting Lu Yan, Qiao Fei looked for a safe hiding place .

Finally, he found a secluded cold storage room . Prying open the door, he carried Lu Yan into the room .

The low temperature in the cold room could slow down the deterioration of her wounds .

“If we can’t go to the hospital, I’ll go and get a doctor to come here and help you . ”

“Don’t . If you get a doctor here, I’ll definitely die . I don’t trust their skills . Qiao Fei, come on; you can do it . ”

Lu Yan took Qiao Fei’s hand and said weakly .

“But I’m afraid I can’t do it . ”

“You can do it . I’ll tell you how…”

“No . I don’t have any experience . ” Qiao Fei didn’t dare to experiment on Lu Yan because it was her life that was on the line .

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In a presidential suite, Ian was drinking coffee .

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A little girl in maid costume knelt before him on shaky knees with her head lowered .

“Did you make the coffee?”

“Yes, Sir . ”

“Hmm . It tastes good,” Ian praised in fluent English .

“Thank you, Sir . ” The maid looked delighted .

“But who told you to add milk in my coffee, eh?” Ian leaned down to the maid’s face and asked softly .

“I… I thought the coffee would taste better with fresh milk,” the maid answered .

“You thought? You dared to decide for me?”

“I’m sorry, Sir . ”

“This is irritating . You have a likable face but it seems you won’t have a long life . ”

“Sir, I’m sorry . I’ll make another cup of coffee for you right away!” Scared, the maid kowtowed and begged for his mercy .

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“I think the coffee needs something to make it taste better…” In a mysterious air, Ian leaned closer to the maid’s face .

“What is… it?”

In three seconds, the maid felt something cold on her neck .

The ring on Ian’s finger had opened and a tiny but sharp blade cut into the maid’s throat .

Instantly, blood flowed out .

Ian caught the blood with his coffee cup and the coffee instantly turned into dark red .

Kneeling there like a statue, the maid couldn’t move or speak .

Ian filled his cup and sipped the content .

“Hmmm . It tastes better now . ”

“Sir, something happened . ” One of his lackeys came in to report .

“Speak . ”

“Our men… are all dead . ”

“How can it be? Didn’t they bring ranged heavy weapons? Were they so useless that they couldn’t catch Lu Yan with such weapons?” Ian looked up with a frown .

“Lu Yan used an unknown bomb and killed all our men… But we found her blood on-site; it seems she is seriously wounded . ”

“The little girl is wounded?” Ian asked in excitement

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