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Published at 7th of May 2020 11:30:06 AM
Chapter 3046: 3046

Chapter 3046 There“s Only You and Me Here 6

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Although Lu Yan didn’t say what the thing that looked like a piece of chewing gum was, Qiao Fei knew that it must be a bomb .

Lu Yan’s biggest hobby was studying all kinds of bombs .

It was why so many terrorists wanted her to join them .

Some big drug dealers in Europe and the U . S . had offered big prices to buy her service or even her bombs .

But he had seen Lu Yan’s face and knew she wasn’t certain of herself this time .

Sure enough, when he ran out, the place outside had been turned into a sea of fire .

Their enemies all laid on the ground, dead .

They hadn’t had time to use their heavy weapons yet .

“Yan… Yan!” Qiao Fei yelled in panic, feeling his heart was bleeding .

The fire raged, and Qiao Fei’s ears were still ringing due to the explosion .

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Judging the great speed with which she had released the bomb, he guessed Lu Yan must have stuck the chewing gum bomb onto the head of a bullet and fired it at the center of the enemies .

Due to the short distance, Lu Yan couldn’t get out of the range of the explosion fast enough .

Like a desperate child, Qiao Fei ran through the fire wildly, yelling Lu Yan’s name again and again .

“Lu Yan, answer me! Lu Yan, if you dare to die on me, I’ll never forgive you . ”

“Lu Yan, you’re a heartless little beast . ”

“Lu Yan, you bastard, you heartless woman . You didn’t keep your words; you promised we’d be together…”

Qiao Fei’s face was covered in tears .

Finally, he found Lu Yan under a big tree .

She was laying on her belly, looking to be dying…

Qiao Fei ran over to her and was stunned when he saw her face and back were covered in blood .

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“Yan…” Qiao Fei’s hands shook in agony .

“Don’t yell . I’m not dead yet…” Lu Yan’s voice was weak .

But he was relieved to hear her voice .

“Yan…” Qiao Fei was pleasantly surprised .

“Psycho Qiao, you look ugly when you cry… Don’t cry . ”

Qiao Fei didn’t know he should cry or laugh .

“Psycho Qiao, if I die, you can’t like another woman . My ghost will haunt you and climb into your window in the night . ”

“You won’t die . ” Qiao Fei gathered Lu Yan into his arms with great care and gentleness .

He pressed his cheek to her blood-coved face .

He felt hurt inside to see that this beautiful and vivacious girl of about 20 years old had to live such a hellish life .

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For the first time in his life, Qiao Fei railed at fate for being so unfair to her .

“Ahem…” Lu Yan coughed violently and began to spew blood .

Qiao Fei’s heart sank again .

“Yan, how do you feel?”

“Damn it… I was too close to the explosion and almost died with them . Can you go check on them and see if they are all dead?” Lu Yan asked .

“They are all dead . ”

“Good… Let’s go… My lungs are probably wounded and need to be cleaned . ”

“Okay . I’ll take you to the hospital . ” Qiao Fei picked her up with tears in his eyes .

“Don’t be silly . We can’t go to the hospital… Ian’s people will find us . ”

“What can we do if we don’t go to the hospital?”

“You open up my chest and let out the blood congested in the lungs…” Lu Yan said in a small voice .

“Me? Are you kidding?” Qiao Fei was dumbfounded .

He knew nothing about doing surgeries .

“Psycho Qiao, I’m tired… I want to sleep…” Lu Yan’s eyes began to close .

“Don’t! Yan, please don’t fall asleep . ” Qiao Fei was alarmed .

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